September 26th was Christopher's 25th birthday! He is officially a quarter of a century old... This past year has been a fun filled year with getting married, finishing classes and starting clinic and this next year has a lot in store for him as well. As many of you know, we will be leaving Augusta in December (where we will be residing with different family members throughout the entire month) then moving to Birmingham in January. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!! Chris is going to be in a neuro clinic in Birmingham for 12 weeks, so his brother and sister-in-law have so graciously offered a place for us to stay. We are truly looking forward to living with Justin and Adriane and finally getting to spend time with them! After the 12 weeks are up, Chris will be going to Washington D.C for a four week clinic at Walter Reed where he will be working with the amputees from war. Then, the day will finally arrive when Chris will graduate from MCG and be finished with school for the first time in 19 years-- what an accomplishment! All of that to say, this 25th year for Chris will be filled with lots of fun and adventure, change and excitement.

His birthday celebration started on Friday night as soon as his parents arrived from Douglasville. The four of us went to Boll Weevil for dinner and then to the Cirque de la Symphony. The Augusta Symphony played a number of pieces while different acts such as a contortionist, jugglers and the strong men performed for us. We had so much fun and really enjoyed doing something different here in Augusta. After the symphony, we went back to Boll Weevil for dessert. We had 24 desserts to choose from and they were excellent! That night Chris opened his presents....

As I've mentioned before, Chris and Paul coach and upward flag football team through our church. Saturday they had a game and won!! It was so exciting! (It also brought back the good ole days when Ed took pictures of Chris playing ball growing up...he was out there snapping away at Chris and Paul coaching- he loved it!)

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