Pregnancy #3

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and finally starting to feel human again! This first trimester has been pretty miserable.... definitely the worst of all three of my pregnancies. I have been so, incredibly sick and have had many days where I am just useless. I have to admit- I've had several days of throwing in a movie for Avery while I layed on the couch and tried my best to not get sick. With Avery and Kinsley, I was "sick" for 16 weeks exactly. It wasn't terrible though. During my pregnancy with Avery I would get nauseous every afternoon at 4pm and the only way to feel better was to go to bed by 8pm. That lasted 16 weeks.  With Kinsley, I actually got sick several times and had some nausea, but it wasn't too intense. That also lasted 16 weeks. Well, with baby #3...... I was getting sick every single day, absolutely nothing made me feel better- not even the nausea medicine that the Dr. had to prescribe me! This lasted 12 weeks!! These last two weeks I have been feeling much better, but am still EXHAUSTED!!! In the evenings I still get nauseous some, but it seems to be lightening up a bit. Thank goodness! I'm hoping it was just super intense for those 12 weeks and that I won't be feeling this gross until I hit 16 weeks!

This pregnancy has been a lot of fun, though, because Avery is old enough to understand a little bit more about what's going on. She is always asking to see the baby in my belly and says that she "has a boy in her belly". It's really cute. She wasn't old enough to comprehend anything during my pregnancy with Kinsley, so it's fun having her be more involved this time around.

As I'm sitting here writing this post, I have actually felt baby move for the first time!!! ... and now the second! haha! This is by far my most favorite part of being pregnant. I love, love, love feeling the baby move!

As with each child and each pregnancy, the picture taking gets worse. We have only taken ONE belly picture during this pregnancy and it was the day after we found out we were expecting. That's so terrible! Especially since I've been "showing" for a few weeks already. By the third, I guess the belly just pops right on out once you find out you're pregnant! ha!

We are thrilled about growing our family and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. Hopefully we will have that answer in about 2 weeks! I am convinced it's another girl!!! :)


Kinsley is ONE

Our sweet baby girl is one year old. How is that possible?? I feel like I just.had.her! Chris and I were just talking the other day about how much her personality is really starting to blossom and how quickly she is growing. Yesterday when Chris walked in the door from work Kinsley crawled over to him, sat up and lifted her arms for him to pick her up. It was so precious and of course made Daddy's day!
I've said it before, but Kinsley is by far the happiest baby ever. She rarely cries and is always flashing us her grin that scrunches up her entire face. I love it!

12 month stats:
Weight: 19lbs 12.8 oz
Height: 29 in

Kinsley at 12 months:
- has 4 teeth
- is cruising and crawling all over the place
- gets into absolutely everything! she is so curious and loves to explore
- loves to eat. The only times we really hear her cry are when she is hungry or her food is all gone and she wants more to eat! ha!
- Loves her big sister Avery and interacts with her all of the time.
- still takes two naps during the day, though her morning nap is hit or miss depending on what our busy schedule is like. Typically I like for her to nap from 10-12 (but a lot of days this nap turns into cat naps in the carseat while we are out and about.) then she naps from 2-4. I'm lucky if they are 2 hour naps.... usually they are 1.5 hrs. But last week we had 3 days of 30 min naps in her crib then she would wake up screaming and I could not get her back down.... those were not great days!
don't forget the pacifiers!!!
- Still gets 3-4 bottles a day but it's all WHOLE MILK!
- wears size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes.... some are even 12-18 month and I will still squeeze her into 6-12 months which is kind of mean on my part!
- puts everything into her mouth. Avery was never as bad as Kinsley is. I am so ready for her to walk so that she is up off of the floor and not eye level with every little thing on the floor. I can only sweep/vaccuum/mop so many times! Its not just that- but when we go outside I can't put her down because she immediately starts to eat the grass and leaves!! I have to leave her in the wagon if I'm going to give Avery any attention or I have to carry Kinsley everywhere and she is just not that light!
- she is a climber!!! In the two weeks before she turned 1 she really mastered climbing. She will climb onto their little table in the playroom, climb on the couch, climb into Avery's toddler bed, climb on the stool in the bathroom....the challenging part is teaching her how to get down without landing flat on her face or head.  I cannot leave her out of my sight for a second!
- waves hi and bye and will even say "bye-bye" some times.
I just happened to be taking some pictures of her one afternoon when Chris walked in the door from work and this was her reaction to seeing him! How sweet! 
- occassionally signs "more" and "all done"
- says "Momma, Mommy and Bye-Bye"

At her one year apointment the dr. said they wanted to draw blood to check for lead and anemia.... they did this with Avery and I swore I would not do it again with Kinsley. I told the Dr. I didn't want to go through with the lab work, but she insisted that we go through with it because it's an important part of her visit. So, we attemped and yet again- I tortured my poor child all for nothing. They weren't able to get any blood out of her left arm and asked if they could try her other one. I said I preferred no. Again- they insisted that this lab work absolutely needed to be done. I let them try and yet again- they were not successful. I should have stuck to my gut feelings and stood my ground and not let them try on Kinsley. I felt terrible. Lesson learned, for sure! Trust those mommy instincts!

Kinsley keeps us busy and on our toes, but I am filled with joy every day when she smiles that sweet scrunched up smile and her laughter fills the room. I am sad her first year has come and gone so quickly, but am loving watching her personality come out and that I get to experience life with her. Our two girls mean the world to us and I am so emotional thinking about just how much I love them. Happy First Birthday, Kinsley Rae. You are our little sunshine!!