Pumkin Patch

We took Avery to her first pumpkin patch on Saturday! It's a little different going to a pumpkin patch in 80+degree weather, but it was still fun! Avery was so excited when she saw all of the pumpkins and bounced up and down when we let her play with them. Enjoy the pictures!

Not a fan of the prickly straw!

My favorite picture of my two favorite people!

Love this! 


Pink Cadillac

 I tried to tell her it's not okay to get behind the wheel when she is so sleepy....Let's hope she listens and obeys when she is 16! 


4 new posts!!!

I finally had some time to update the blog today! There are 4 new posts below or you can simply click on the following links. I'm still way behind and promise to blog about our trip out to Arizona soon!


Pensacola Beach Triathalon

Beautiful Flowers

Organizing the kitchen cabinet

Happy reading!

Organizing the kitchen cabinet

I'm hooked on the iheartorganizing blog and am now trying to de-clutter our home with new organizing ideas. Today I decided to conquer the kitchen cabinet where I keep all of Avery's food, bowls, plates, sippy cups, etc. It's still a work in progress, but I am happy with the outcome thus far.

This was constantly driving me crazy!!!

A meat thermometer was even stashed in the cabinet.... really!?!?

starting over....

I lined the shelves with fun, girly scrapbook paper! 

The almost finished product... still have a few things left to do, but I'm SO happy with Avery's organized kitchen cabinet!

Beautiful Flowers

Chris surprised me with 3 bouquets of flowers yesterday when he got home from work! He is the sweetest husband ever!!!!

Pensacola Beach Triathalon

Chris participated in his second triathalon on Saturday, October 1st. Since the race was an hour and a half away in Pensacola Beach we decided to go Friday and stay the night. We left Avery with my parents so that she didn't have to get up at 5:30 Saturday morning. Chris and I split a hotel room with Jack and Lachlyne, Chris' co-workers, who also participated in the race. Race day was cold and windy. I think it was in the low 50's that morning, which is chilly for Florida in October! I stayed in pants and a sweatshirt until about 10:00 that morning and was cold even in my sweatshirt! Thank goodness for hot chocolate to help keep me warm while watching the race! Fortunately for the participants (all 1,200 of them!) the water was a warm 81 degrees. Of course, getting out was a bit chilly. They also had to swim through hundreds of JELLY FISH.... Chris said his entire body was stinging through half of the bike ride after the swim.... Glad I wasn't the one in the water! hehe.

Stats for the race: swim = 600 yard, bike = 18 miles, run = 5k (3.2miles)

Love seeing the sun rise over 1200 participants by the ocean!

Danny (purple cap) and Chris (white cap)

Danny, Jack, Lachlyne and Chris waiting for the race to begin- and freezing!!

Chris is the one on the left in the white cap

finishing the 18 mile bike ride

starting his 3.2 mile run

feeling good!

finishing the race!!!!

2nd triathalon complete!!!!

I am so proud of him!

Danny and Gwen
So glad I had Gwen to hang out with during the race- love that woman!!
Chris did fantastic and finished the race in 1 hour 40 minutes (approximately.... I actually don't know his exact time...) I am so proud of Chris and can't wait until next year's triathalon season!


Avery had spaghetti for the first time the other night and LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Thankfully, I had already been planning on giving her a bath after dinner because that is exactly where she ended up. 

Spaghetti = MESS!