Wednesday, January 26, 2011 was a big day for our small town of Niceville...it was the grand opening of our new Walmart! It's really quite pitiful how excited we are about finally getting a Walmart, but it's quite the upgrade from the one other major store here, which is a very old K-Mart. The excitement could be found on most all of my Niceville friends' facebook status and you better believe that Chris, Avery and I went on Wednesday night just to walk around the store. Welcome to Niceville, Walmart! We are oh so glad you are finally here!


3 months

Things about Avery at 3 months of age:

-She smiles a lot and knows who her Mommy and Daddy are :)
-Constantly chewing on her hands
-"talking" a lot
-She loves bath time and hates when we take her out to dry her off
-She also really loves her changing table. Diaper changes are fun (as fun as that can be) and it's also a good place to keep her entertained. Strange, I know!
-Still sleeping in the swaddle. We tried to transition out of it a few weeks ago, but she just wasn't ready. She is busting out of her swaddle a lot, but for now we are keeping her in it.
-She has just recently started to squeal when she is excited about something
-She likes to look at "the baby" in the mirror
-She has excellent head and neck control and is getting stronger every day
-She is in 3 month clothes and still in size 1 diapers.

Avery is truly a blessing and we are loving her more and more each day. She is growing up way too fast and yet it's exciting at the same time. We love watching her learn and discover new things.


Avery pics

January 19

January 20

January 21


12 weeks!?!?!?

Avery was 12 weeks old yesterday and we are just stunned at how quickly she is growing. Everyone always says that it goes by so fast, but I didn't realize just how true that was until we had Avery. She was busy on her 12 week birthday....

Lots of playtime with Bailey on her ocean wonders playmat- which she LOVES!

An hour long walk with mommy and Bailey in my new BOB jogging stroller!
(Ok, so I am LOVING my BOB-- it's like the Cadillac of strollers with how smooth it rides.)

She loves loves loves bathtime--she may be getting close to outgrowing her bath sling. :( She is growing way too fast!

Click HERE to see how much Avery has grown over the past 6 weeks.


Baby Weigh Day #2 and POTD

Today I took Avery to her second Baby Weigh Day at the hospital. She met lots of new friends and she weighs 10lbs 9oz!!! Just two and a half weeks ago she was 9lbs 8oz... she's starting to pack on the pounds!

I'm also attempting to take a picture a day of our munchkin in 2011 (not that hard to do since she is our first baby- we're always snapping pictures these days!). My POTD (picture of the day) usually turns into about 10 pictures a day, but who's counting?

Here is our little munchkin's POTD at 11 weeks 2 days:
January 12, 2011


PICTURES- Dec. 2010

Here is a recap of our week in Georgia... Dec.18-26, 2010

{The cousins meeting for the first time at Five Guys in Bham}
{Though we met Micah when he was only 10 days old and in the NICU, this is the first time we got to hold him!!}
{Avery meeting her Aunt Adriane for the first time!}

{Christmas at Nana's- 12.19.10}
{Cousin picture}
{Christmas with Grandmama-- 4 generations}
{Tummy Time with Bailey}
{Avery's first visit to Hudson's Hickory House... her daddy's FAVORITE place to eat!}

{Dinner with The Campbell's at Partner's II Pizza-- my FAVORITE place to eat!}
{Mark and Janna are expecting their second baby girl in March 2011!!!}
[Lucy is going to be a great big sister]

{Breakfast with Jess and Alex Volfson- 12.23.10}
{Bailey loved Holli's bed}
{Playing with Grandmommy}

{12.21.10-- Juli Muchnick, Avery and Grandmommy}
{12.21.10-- Best friends!! The Muchnick's came to meet Avery!}
{12.21.10- The MCG crew-- Jake, Libby, Mario and Katherine}
[Mario and Katherine are expecting their first in June 2011!!]

{I love it when she sticks her little bottom up in the air like that!}

{Avery and Uncle J}
{Uncle Chris and Micah}
[Avery- 8 wks; Micah-12 wks]

{trying to hold hands}
{A for Avery; M for Micah}
{12.24.10- Christmas Eve}

{Keith and Rick with the babies!}

WOW- that was hard trying to pick just a few pictures from our week in GA. We had such a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing all of our friends and family. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Click on the following links to see pictures from our time with Mamaw and Granddaddy as well as Christmas Day.


The Swaddle

To drop the swaddle, or to NOT drop the swaddle??? We have decided to NOT drop the swaddle quite yet. Avery sleeps really well in her velcro swaddle, but sometimes we have to get up in the middle of the night to re-swaddle her. She will wiggle her arms out of the swaddle and if an arm gets stuck and she can't get it out she gets really frustrated and starts to cry. So, last week I attempted to wean her out of the swaddle during her naps and it did not go so well. Most of her naps are an hour and a half long and she would maybe sleep for a total of 10 minutes in her sleep sack and cry the rest of the time. (That might be why she has been sleeping 11 hours at night, because she was hardly sleeping during the day!) So, after consulting one of my favorite blogs, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom, and talking with Chris, we have decided that Avery isn't quite ready for the sleep sack. Last week was torture trying to get her to nap in the sleep sack so I'm looking forward to the cry-free naps again. I just hope she will continue to sleep well at night! Sleep sack-- we will try you out again another time!!


White Christmas in Georgia-- 2010

This year we celebrated Christmas in Georgia. Chris had saved up several vacation days and we were able to spend just over a week in Georgia seeing family and friends. It was a much needed vacation for us and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day.

{Christmas morning with our little stocking stuffer}
{Poppy and Grandmommy with their grandbabies}
{Uncle Chris and Micah}
{The babies with their Great- Uncle Keith}
{Grandmommy and her babies}
{Christmas dinner 2010}
We had our very first White Christmas!! This was a big day in the life of Avery-- first Christmas, first snow and she was two months old!!!

{Avery and Micah's first snow!!!}

{Our family on Christmas Day 2010}
{Avery with all of her Christmas gifts...she really was excited- don't let the sleepiness fool you!}
{Bailey playing with her new toy}

{Uncle J and Avery}