Dog Daze and Chris' 27th Birthday!

Fort Walton Beach puts on Dog Daze every fall and this year we decided to take Bailey. The event was held on Saturday and it sprinkled rain the entire time we were there. I would say we were there for just over an hour and a half and during that time there were probably about 500+ dogs in attendance. There were tents set up advertising rescue shelters and dog adoption agencies. There was a dog parade and even a race! It was a lot of fun and we think Bailey really enjoyed it, but that it might have been a little overstimulating for her! ha!

Sunday was Christopher's 27th birthday and we celebrated by going to dinner at Bonefish. His co-workers had given him a gift card to Bonefish on Friday for his birthday so we took advantage of that and ate like a king and queen! lol. We were absolutely STUFFED by the time we left. I also made red velvet cupcakes for him and he will be getting a deep tissue massage on Thursday at It's All About You Day Spa. In addition to his massage, I got him his first pink shirt for when Baby A is born!

Family Picture for Chris' 27th Birthday!!
(WOW, I look HUGE in this picture!)

Yummy cupcakes!



My last post was about the birth of our little nephew. It's so crazy to think that he was due 4 weeks after our little girl and that he is already here! A quick update: they are going to try weening him off of the vent tomorrow! Pray that everything goes well!

This post is to congratulate all of our family and friends who had their babies within the last 48 hours!!

-Baby boy Ireland was born on Wednesday, September 22.
-Our close friends Jordan and Kim Howell welcomed their little girl, Adalynn Kadence, early Thursday morning September 23.
-My cousin, Ansley and her husband Tyler welcomed their little girl, Ali, Thursday evening September 23rd.

WOW!! That full moon really brought out the babies! :) Congratulations to Justin and Adriane, Jordan and Kim, and Tyler and Ansley on the births of your precious little babies!! Chris and I are so excited for each of you and can't wait to get our little ones together for play dates!!


our NEPHEW!!

WOW- yesterday was quite a day! Our little nephew was born 9 weeks early!! His due date was not until November 24th but God had other plans. Our sister-in-law, Adriane hadn't felt the baby move on Tuesday and went in for an ultrasound on Wednesday morning. His weight and heart rate were fine but after running some more tests they decided to admit Adriane into the hospital for 24 hours of observation. Within just a few hours they were performing an emergency c-section and our little nephew was here! He weighed just 4 pounds and will more than likely be in the NICU for a few weeks. Mom and baby are both doing well, but I would like to ask you to pray for Justin, Adriane and baby boy as they are all adjusting and healing. This was not exactly how Justin and Adriane pictured this experience, but we are all just happy that everyone is ok. Chris and I have a NEPHEW!!! We cannot wait to meet him!! Welcome to the world, baby boy Ireland!!! We love you!!


Sunset Cruise

The company Chris works for has clinics in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. It's a known fact that the Florida crew likes to have fun and this past weekend is just another example of that. On Saturday night the Florida crew went on a sunset cruise around the Destin Harbor and Bay. We went on one of those glass bottom boats and though we didn't see any dolphins the cruise was fabulous. The sunset was beautiful and overall the trip was fun and relaxing. There were about 64 people on board and the cruise lasted about 2 hours. It really was a great time for all of the employees to hang out outside of work.

My love :)

Gwen, Vinnie, Bri, Tamara and Chris.
Bri is the receptionist at the clinic that Chris works at and Vinnie is her hubby. :) Tamara just accepted a job with Premier last week- it was really great meeting her!
Gwen is married to our regional manager, Danny.

Chris and me with Cristine and her hubby Jacob.

Girl pic!!

Elizabeth (the one in the middle) is a physical therapist and was my boss at Orthopaedic Associates. Andrea is an athletic trainer and works with the highschools around this area.

The O.A girls... These are the ladies that I worked with until about two weeks ago. (There are 3 that weren't able to make it and we missed them!!!)
Mandy, me, Jeri, Elizabeth and Paige-- I love these girls and miss seeing them on a daily basis.

Jack and Chris work together at White Wilson.

Jack's girlfriend, Lachlyne, just moved back to the states just two days before the sunset cruise. She has been living and teaching in London for the last 2 years. So glad she is back in Florida!!


Walk it out....

I just might have to try this if baby A decides she is nice and cozy in mommy's belly and doesn't want to come out!!


Pregnancy update

I went to the doctor on Wednesday the 15th for my last ultrasound and another follow up. It's crazy to think that the next time I see that sweet baby girl she will be outside of my belly and in my arms!! Unfortunately, Chris wasn't able to go with me this time due to his patient load BUT my mom and sister were able to go. I think they really enjoyed getting to see baby A in action. She was moving all over the place and yawning a lot! Her heartbeat was strong and measured 155 which is her norm. The main reason for this last ultrasound was to be sure that she is in the right position for delivery (head down, bottom up!) and she was!! The doctor also wanted to check her weight to be sure she is growing at the correct pace. She weighs 4 pounds 5 oz and is in the 23rd percentile for weight at this stage in the pregnancy. I'm hoping this means that she will be a small baby... speaking of which- my Dr. made her prediction today as to when baby will arrive and how much she will weigh. Drum Roll Please.... Dr's guess is that she will weigh 6 pounds 5 oz on October 15th. I'm liking her prediction and am only wishing that I had asked her how accurate her predictions are!!! ha!

All this time I've been thinking our little girl will be bald when she is born... but it looks like she may have some hair on that head after all! (can't wait to see how much she will have!)

This is the last picture we will have of her precious face until she is born! She is definitely more plump than the last time we saw her, which is a good thing! It also looks like she is running out of room in there!
Nursery update: As some of you may know, Christopher has really been working hard on the baby's dresser. The dresser we are using in the nursery was actually the dresser that was in MY nursery 25 years ago. This dresser has been through a lot. Amanda and I both used it as infants and toddlers and then it became a storage unit in our playroom for nearly 18 years. When Chris and I got married my parents let me take the dresser with me to Augusta. Chris and I brought it to Florida and put it in our guest room. The dresser was white during all of these years, however, the furniture in our guest bedroom was black, so of course we painted over the white to make it black! Well, a year later Chris took on a new experience and stripped off the black and white paint and then stained the dresser a dark brown to match the crib and bookcase that are now in the baby's room. This was a HUGE undertaking and he learned a lot through this project. I realize that he did this for me and the sentimental value I held in that dresser and I am so very thankful. I'm know there were times that he wished we had just bought a new dresser, but he kept working to make it absolutely perfect for his girls. He literally spent every free minute he had working on this dresser and the transformation is amazing. Thank you, Christopher, for the hard work, dedication and love you put into this dresser for our little girl. It's absolutely perfect!!

I will have to find a picture of the dresser when it was white....

We painted it black when we moved to FL.

This is what the dresser looked like after Chris stripped of all of the paint. What a job!!

The finished project!!!

I've been feeling more and more pregnant over the past few days and weeks.
--I'm no longer able to run... in fact, I haven't been running since I hit 30 weeks. However, I'm still getting my cardio in on the ellipitical at least 3 days a week. It's great because I can increase the resistance and it really gets my heart pumping. I even took my firt group yoga class on Monday. That's right... 34 weeks preggo and taking yoga. I think the instructor was a little nervous that I was in there b/c she gave me a quick lecture in front of the class about the things I can and cannot do- plus she mentioned she was really glad there were nurses in the class!! I enjoyed the class, but to be honest- some of those moves are just plain uncomfortable with such a large belly!!!
--My last day of work was on September 9th and I am absolutley loving my free time! I get to sleep in and then spend the day getting this house and the nursery ready for our baby girl. I can take my time doing these things which is great considering I tire easily. I'll do one thing (vacuum, for example) then lay on the couch for a while before going on to my next project. It's absolutely fabulous! I do need to add that I really admire those women that work up until their baby is born. I know it is so exhausting and I was only working part time. I don't know how they do it!
-- Just in the past week I have noticed swelling in my hands and feet- ok, and even in my face. and sleeping is getting pretty uncomfortable. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago and had to get up and eat. I was starving!!

Well, that was quite a long post. Sorry about that, but thanks to you faithful readers out there for always checking in!! Love you!!!


The Bump at 34 weeks

I am 34 weeks preggo today!!! I can't believe that our little girl will be here in just 6 weeks- give or take. I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday, so I'll be sure to update you all again then. Here is a picture to hold you over until then. :)