Sunset Cruise

The company Chris works for has clinics in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. It's a known fact that the Florida crew likes to have fun and this past weekend is just another example of that. On Saturday night the Florida crew went on a sunset cruise around the Destin Harbor and Bay. We went on one of those glass bottom boats and though we didn't see any dolphins the cruise was fabulous. The sunset was beautiful and overall the trip was fun and relaxing. There were about 64 people on board and the cruise lasted about 2 hours. It really was a great time for all of the employees to hang out outside of work.

My love :)

Gwen, Vinnie, Bri, Tamara and Chris.
Bri is the receptionist at the clinic that Chris works at and Vinnie is her hubby. :) Tamara just accepted a job with Premier last week- it was really great meeting her!
Gwen is married to our regional manager, Danny.

Chris and me with Cristine and her hubby Jacob.

Girl pic!!

Elizabeth (the one in the middle) is a physical therapist and was my boss at Orthopaedic Associates. Andrea is an athletic trainer and works with the highschools around this area.

The O.A girls... These are the ladies that I worked with until about two weeks ago. (There are 3 that weren't able to make it and we missed them!!!)
Mandy, me, Jeri, Elizabeth and Paige-- I love these girls and miss seeing them on a daily basis.

Jack and Chris work together at White Wilson.

Jack's girlfriend, Lachlyne, just moved back to the states just two days before the sunset cruise. She has been living and teaching in London for the last 2 years. So glad she is back in Florida!!

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