Avery's One Year Photo Shoot

Our friend, Sarah, has started her own photography business called Deans List and she did an amazing job photographing Avery for her one year photo shoot. Thank you Sarah! 

Here are just a few of the pictures from that chilly November day in Florida. Avery wasn't really full of smiles that day, but Sarah was still able to get some great shots! 

"enough with the pictures already!!"
This picture makes Chris and me laugh out loud!

"is this how you want me to sit??"


Avery's first steps!

Last night some friends had us over for dinner. They have a 2.5 year old and Avery loved playing with her and chasing her all through the condo. At one point I was helping Avery walk when she let go and took about 2-3 steps by herself! She then froze and stood there for about a minute before sitting down. We were shocked!! I am so glad that Chris and I were both able to witness this first for Avery. It was fun to have our friends there to share in our excitment as well. Unfortunately, we weren't quick enough to pull out our phones to record it, but she did it again today and we were able to capture it! I can't believe our little girl will be WALKING by herself soon! AHHHHH!!



For Halloween we dressed Avery up as Snow White! She was the most adorable little princess.... and I'm not biased at all!! ;)

Justin, Adriane and Micah were here Halloween weekend for Avery's party and since they weren't going to be here for Halloween Day, they brought Micah's costume so that we could get pictures of them together in their outfits. They were the most adorable princess and monster that I have ever seen!

On Halloween, we went to Cantina Loredo, our favorite Mexican restaurant, with my parents and then took Avery "Trick or Treating" at Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. Obviously she didn't do any trick or treating, but we all had a blast walking around the village and seeing all of the creative costumes.

She also got to swing for the first time! She wasn't too sure what to think of it... there was laughing and crying....

Halloween was also her first time on a Merry-go-Round. She really seemed to enjoy it, but I have to say that it was the FASTEST merry-go-round that we have ever been on. Chris and I both thought we would be sick and felt bad for her because she doesn't know how to focus on an object to keep from getting dizzy or sick.... she still seemed to like it though!

It was a great second Halloween with Avery! Hard to believe that she was just a few days old this time last year! Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!


Avery's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Avery's first birthday with a Lemonade party on Saturday, October 29th. Family and friends gathered at our home to help us celebrate Avery and we couldn't be more grateful for the love they continually show to Avery.

We had lots of lemonade and everyone drank out of mason jars to go along with our lemonade theme

Our sweet nephew, Micah

I made the Lemon Drop cupcakes, too! 

Chris' co-workers, Jack and Lachlyne

Avery loved opening presents!

"Please take this hat off of me...." (She doesn't really like things on her head)

Reading her birthday card

How cute is she!?!?!

It's smash cake time.... she didn't really get into it- maybe because there were 20 people staring at her??

at least Micah enjoyed it, though!

She LOVES the balloons though!

Avery and the boys! Thanks to Keller, Kenyon and cousin Micah for coming to the party!! 

The PT group!

The party was a huge success!! Happy Happy 1st birthday sweet girl!