Bailey girl

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of our sweet little Bailey. She is just over 6 months old already and weighs 40 pounds. She's growing up fast! (Yes, I talk about her like she is my child... but I guess she kind of is!) We are so proud of her because she obeys most of her commands-- she is just a little stubborn when it comes to one of the commands--"come". Her newest trick is that she can shake! What a smart dog! :) We recently bought two baby gates and are now able to leave her in the kitchen during the day instead of leaving her cramped in her crate. She has done SO well and hasn't had one accident since we put her in the kitchen! She still sleeps in her crate at night, but we are excited about the baby steps of allowing her more space. Here are a few recent pictures of our growing little girl!
She will sit by the door or paw at her leash to let us know she needs to go to the bathroom

Chris put a t-shirt on her the other night- she wasn't a fan

After going on a run with Abby, Bailey found her towel by the front door and crashed for several hours.

This has been her favorite spot during the winter months. We have this space heater for us- but it quickly became Bailey's space heater. She will sit/lay by this all day and night if we let her.

She is not allowed on any of our furniture, but Chris left this pillow on the floor one day and she curled up on it. I can't believe she got her entire body on it!

She loves her Christopher!


We decided to liven up our house a little by adding some color to our kitchen. We chose to paint the walls green-- a subtle green. However, when the color went on the walls it turned out to be a much BRIGHTER green than we expected. At first, I was a little nervous about the color and thought it might be too bright, but as time goes on we both have grown to really like the way it turned out. So, for Nanna and Poppop- here are the pictures of our newly painted kitchen!





It's been a bit of an odd night and it's left me doing a lot of thinking. I've been faced with the challenge of trying not to think the worst in a situation when I do not know all of the answers-- if any, to what is going on. I'm learning how to rely on God even more and it is comforting to know that He is in control. The unknown is scary, but with God on my side I know that I can make it through any situation that comes my way. Just needed to write down some feelings. Thanks for letting me do so.