My prayer

Over the past couple of months I have been convicted about how I am mothering our children. Am I being the mom that God has called me to be? Am I showing them His love? Am I disciplining them in a loving and gentle manner? Sadly, my answer is no. This leaves me broken-hearted and angry with myself. On the other hand, I have found myself desperately clinging to the word of God more than I ever have before.

I was driving to the airport to pick up my sister about a month ago when I heard a song on the radio that has become my prayer for me and my kids. It's called "Let Them See You" by JJ Weeks Band. The chorus is as follows:

"Let them see You in me
Let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You
Let them see You in me"

I love my girls more than words can express and I want to demonstrate God's love and compassion daily. I don't want them to remember me losing my cool or not reacting with the kindness Jesus requires of me. I pray they see The Lord in me daily. 

Lilly: 2 months

Lilly is such an easy baby. We don't have a great schedule going, but I can figure out her "routine" for the most part. She sleeps through the night on occasion, but I still don't know what the night will be like when I finally crawl into bed. It's hard to believe we have had two months with her!

Weight: 11lbs 6 oz (49%)
Height: 22.25 in (36%)
Head circ.: 15in (42%)

Lilly at two months:
- has discovered her hands
- is beginning to "coo"
- has socially smiled once or twice.
- still breastfeeds exclusively... about 7 times a day
- seems to really like tummy time (the only one who hasn't hated it!)
- still fusses when I lay her down for naps in her crib
- has several "wake times" throughout the day
- is still holding on to her hair - for now!
- I can't keep her on her tummy for long before she rolls herself over.
- sleeps 4-5 stretches at night and other nights she will go as long as 7-8 hours!
- busts out of her swaddle daily so we now leave her arms out when we swaddle... she is sooo young for that already!!
- size 1 diapers
- wears 0-3 month clothes. 3 month shirts fit her well, but the 3 month pants are huge!
- met her Great Grandmother (Judy Archer) two days before she turned two months!!





Lilly: 1 month

We have been a family of 5 for a month already and are adjusting really well. Avery and Kinsley are such great big sisters and they love on Lilly any chance they get. Right now, she sleeps ALL of the time... so the adjustment hasn't been as terrifying as I was anticipating. Yes, I am sleep deprived, but I have been for over three years! I was most nervous about having to feed Lilly while occupying the older girls. Well, really just Kinsley. Avery is at the age where she can entertain herself really well and has a bit of independence to her. Kinsley, on the other hand, is quite needy and wants to be right on top of you all of the time. SO- how was I going to feed a newborn and entertain Kinsley and keep her fearless self safe!?! To my surprise, we have all managed this fairly well. Lilly is a super effecient eater and is done after 5 minutes. Kinsley and Avery have been playing well together, and even independently of each other. And.... let's face it: I turn on Mickey Mouse a lot. This is real life, people.... and sometimes the TV is an added help!

Lilly is growing like a weed, despite her short feeding sessions. Here are her 1 month stats:

Weight: 9 lbs 8.5oz (53%)
Height: 21.5 in (62%)

- Lilly has had her first cold. (already) Poor thing was only 3 weeks old when she caught a cold after both her sisters were sick. It was miserable and we felt so bad for her. She was extremely congested and had a terrible cough.... for. a. week. 

- She rolled from her tummy to her back on February 25th... twice!

- She has good head/neck control and can lift her head pretty high while on tummy time, but she can also slam her head forward into your collar bone on occassion. 

- she is no longer in newborn diapers.

- she is squeezing into NB clothes, but fits 0-3month shirts easily. The 0-3 month pants are still huge on her.

- She is a sleepy baby and it's difficult to keep her awake even for a full feeding.

- Sleeps well at night- usually gets up once or twice during the night to eat.

What a wonderful addition you are to our family, Lilly!!!