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The Army Crawl

Avery's Baptism

8 months


Father's Day

The Army Crawl

This morning Avery surprised me with a new talent- she can now "scoot"! I'm still in shock!! On Sunday afternoon we were just hanging out at home with Justin, Adriane and Micah. The babies were playing on the floor and we saw Avery do a little scoot forward. Well, this morning she decided she would take it to the next level and showed me that she really knows how to scoot! Seriously, I cannot believe it.... it's so strange watching her move around so much! My days are about to change drastically!!!

Avery's baptism

Avery was baptized on Sunday, June 26th. It was such a special time in our lives as her parents and we are so thankful for our home church where we could dedicate her to the Lord. It was a busy week leading up to her baptism with family coming in town throughout the week. We were able to spend time with our family at the beach, enjoying delicious dinners and just spending quality time together. Avery is loved by so many and has a wonderful family that is always here supporting her and praying for her.

The baptism was very special to both Christopher and myself. We are constantly praying for Avery and it was very important to us to present her to the church and ask for their prayers and support as we raise her up in the Lord. We pray that she will come to know God at an early age and that she will devote her life to following Him daily. Having Avery baptized was something that I had to really come to grips with. I grew up Southern Baptist and was dedicated as an infant and then baptized after I made the decision to follow Christ. I wanted to have Avery dedicated, but we are members at a Methodist church where they do infant baptisms. After a lot of prayer and discussions with Chris and our pastor, I learned that the infant baptism symbolizes being covered with the Holy Spirit. Though the Methodist's do not believe in being "re-baptized", Chris and I both feel that if Avery one day has the desire to follow the Lord through believers baptism after accepting God into her heart, then we will support her 100%.
Again, this was a very special time in our lives as Avery's parents. It was important to us to have her dedicated and to ask our home church for their support and help as we raise Avery. This is the church that we have decided to raise Avery in while we are living here and we desire their commitment in helping us teach Avery the love of our wonderful Savior.

Avery did fantastic.... she was so good on stage and sucked her thumb the entire time. She didn't make a peep. When we were walking off the stage everyone was clapping and she gave the congregation the biggest grin. She is such a ham! Almost immediately after we made it back to our seats she fell asleep and slept through the entire service. She must have known that something big was going on because it completely wore her out. She was absolutely exhausted.

Following the church service,  our family came over to our house for lunch from Jim  n Nicks- YUM! It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating our little girl and the importance of her dedication to the Lord.

Changing Avery into her gown at the church- Cheryl's friend, Sandy, made Avery and Micah's gowns. They were both gorgeous! (Micah was dedicated on May 15th)

Our pastor, Jeremy Smith

Avery in her bonnet! Cheryl's friend, Sandy, made Avery's gown and bonnet. It was absolutely beautiful!

Aunt Adriane and Micah

Avery's yummy cake- it was beautiful

Avery with Aunt Sheri and Mimi- the two peas in a pod

Avery and Micah playing together after the baptism

Thank you to all of our family who made the trip to be here to support not only Avery, but Christopher and myself as well. I know that there were several family members that wanted to be here but weren't able to make it and we want you to know that we missed you, but are thankful for your love, prayers and support, even though you weren't able to make it. We love you all very, very much! 

8 months

For some reason reaching the eighth month really got to me. I haven't been emotional or anything, but I am now realizing that our baby girl isn't a baby anymore. She is a pre-toddler who will be a year old in a blink of an eye. Saying that I have an 8 month old is just beyond crazy to me. It's been by far the best 8 months of our lives and like I've said before, every stage has been my favorite, and this new stage is no exception. For Chris, however, this is by far his favorite stage thus far. Avery is so much more interactive and social and he loves being able to play with her.

Avery at 8 months:
-has the most infectious laugh
-cut her first tooth while on vacation in Miami on June 11th
-waved for the first time (and to her Daddy!!!) on June 14th
-says "mama" all of the time and we knew she was directing it towards me on June 20th. (I will never forget that moment!!! ) -- My friend, Kim, was right- months ago she guessed that Avery's first word was going to be "mama"
- was baptized on Sunday June 26th
-is learning how to master the scoot (which is crawling, but with the belly still on the ground)
-weighs 16 pounds 6 ounces
-thinks it is funny when I tell her "NO"-- I have to turn away from her so that she doesn't see me laughing- too funny!
-is learning how to use a sippy cup. It's only been about a month and a half, and she is finally figuring out how to suck on the spout instead of just chewing on it
-cheerios, puffs and bananas are the only finger foods she has tried so far and she loves them! The Dr. told me yesterday to begin expanding her finger foods.... any suggestions from you moms out there?
-likes to eat sand at the beach
-is a fantastic traveler- which is good, because traveling is the story of our lives these days.
-can stand while holding onto furniture- mommy and daddy are always very close by because she still topples over!
-still takes 2- two hour naps and 1- thirty minute nap
-still nursing 4 times a day
-wears 6-12 month clothing... depending on where the clothes are from. Mostly in 9 month clothing though.



Caution: if you are easily offended by the breastfeeding topic, please do not continue!!! :) 

 That's right, ladies and gents, Avery and I have reached our goal of breastfeeding for 8 months! Many of you know that in the beginning I really was not sure we would ever reach my goal. During the weeks and months leading up to Avery's birth I had set a personal goal to breastfeed her for 8 months. Then she was born and everything changed.  When my milk came in she immediately stopped nursing from both sides during one feeding... I guess she was just full after the first side. I couldn't stand to feel so lopsided, so I began my long journey of pumping. Nursing did not come naturally to Avery and I literally threatened to quit nursing every single day. Needless to say, my goal of 8 months seemed impossible and I quickly set a new goal of 2 months. It was torture! I suffered through the pain for the first 9-10 weeks until Avery finally learned how to latch on and suck properly. We then had good nursing periods and bad. The majority of the time she would only nurse from one side and then was full, but on occassion she would actually nurse from both sides during a single feeding! My goal then became a monthly goal.... hoping I could make it to 6 months. By this time it was no longer hurting, I was just having to deal with my own frustrations of trying to get my child to eat and eat well. I finally made it to 6 months and was so happy. Once I made it to 6 months I knew that I could easily meet my original goal of 8 months. WOO HOO! Over the past two months I have given up on pumping the second side and am a little more used to being lopsided. Pumping is just a very frustrating process and it is so time consuming. I was pumping up to 3 or 4 times a day for a while and that was AFTER I nursed Avery. It was just too much and now I only pump before I go to bed at night or if I need to have a bottle ready for Avery. It has made such a huge difference. Avery is still not a fantastic eater-- or maybe she is just a very efficient eater??-- I'm not really sure. Sometimes she will nurse for 10 minutes, other times I can only get her to nurse for about 4 minutes and that drives me crazy! I know she will eat if she is hungry, but it has been so hard for me, the provider of her nutritional intake, to not know if she is getting enough. I also have to nurse in complete silence. No T.V., no phone calls, no sitting there and talking to my husband... nothing! The girl is so easily distracted and so very social that I have to be sure no one disturbs us while we are feeding. I just know that she will be my child that sits down at the dinner table and takes two bites of food and then asks if she can go play. I see that in her already!

I am so proud of myself for persevering and reaching my goal of 8 months! I couldn't have done it without the love and support of my wonderful and amazing husband who has been on the receiving side of my venting moments and even the moments when I just couldn't take it anymore and just cried and cried. Chris, you helped me make it to my goal and I thank you so much for your support! Thank you to all of my dedicated readers for your encouragement, especially in the beginning... you know who you are! :) Your personal stories, prayers and encouraging words really helped me through those first 9 weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Happy Father's Day!!!

This is for all you Dad's out there! Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!


Hoke S Archer, Sr.

Last Tuesday, June 14th, my great-grandfather passed away. He would have been 95 years old on Christmas day. Granddaddy was such a special man and he was loved by so many people. His wife, my Mamaw Archer, is still living and is really having a difficult time with the loss of her husband of 75 years. I cannot even begin to imagine what she is going through. For the last year Granddaddy has been living in a nursing home and Mamaw would spend each and every day sitting by his side, going home only to sleep. That has all changed now and I'm not sure how she is coping with being at home and not having the opportunity to visit Granddaddy anymore.  Over the Christmas holidays, Chris and I were able to take Avery to meet her Great-Great-Grandparents and were thrilled to be able to take a 5 generations picture. How cool is that!? It is very rare to be able to experience 5 generations in one room together. We are so glad that Avery was able to meet Granddaddy before his passing. I look forward to one day being able to explain the significance of that day to my sweet baby girl.

5 generations!!!
Mamaw and Granddaddy Archer, PawPaw, Dad, me and Avery
A moment I will always cherish!

The viewing was held on Wednesday, June 15th and the funeral was Thursday morning. It was a very special time with family as we remembered and celebrated Granddaddy's life. It's strange how a funeral can be some what of a family renunion at the same time. I was able to see so many family members that I haven't seen in a very long time and they were able to meet Avery for the first time... it's just sad that we had to reunite because of Granddaddy's passing away.

His legacy will remain living on-
75 years of marriage
4 children
14 grandchildren
22 great-grandchildren 
3 great-great children

We will miss you, Granddaddy!!
December 25, 1916 - June 14, 2011


out of my comfort zone...

This past weekend I nursed Avery in public for the first time in 7.5 months. Sure, I've nursed her on an airplane before, but that is still fairly secluded in the back of the plane and next to the window. This weekend I nursed her in a Starbucks and in the Fontainebleau Hotel Lobby. Don't worry, I still tried to find to most private area in both locations and was quite successful. I found the back corner of the Starbucks and was able to turn the chair away from the rest of the store and nursed Avery there. The next day, we were walking around the Fontainebleau hotel and Avery decided she didn't like the thawed milk I took, so again, I had to find a somewhat secluded area to nurse. Thankfully, the Fontainebleau is HUGE and the lobby was so spacious and had a bar area, so I went to the side of the bar behind a big column and nursed her there. I just kept reminding myself that I was in Miami and nursing your baby is public is probably NOTHING compared to everything else you see in public.... which turned out to be true when we saw a very plus sized lady walking through the lobby in a thong. (No offense to Miami!!) SO, there is my story of finally having to step out of my comfort zone and nurse Avery in public for the first time. It wasn't that bad, but I still prefer privacy when I can have it!