Avery update

Avery is two years and two months old and is a ball of energy. We often find ourselves asking how she has so much energy and isn't completely exhausted by the end of the day. I mean, the girl is non-stop all of the time!

One thing we love about Avery is watching her personality develop. She is very particular about how things are done and meticulous about certain things. She could sit and "organize" her toys for an hour and be perfectly content doing so. She may be a little OCD about how things are done. (I wonder where she gets that from??)

She loves to help clean... again, OCD?

Back in November she was almost potty trained. She wore big girl panties for two weeks (except during naps and night) and was doing great! She even wore big girl panties during our Thanksgiving holiday at Grandmommy and Poppy's house where there was so much activity and did wonderfully. Then, November 30th she began cutting a molar and had a sinus infection on top of that. We quickly digressed and haven't been back in panties since. She won't even tell us if she has to go anymore. It's like potty training never even happened..... so sad.

Has the most tender heart. There are days when she tests me and pushes me to my limit, but underneath that two year old attitude is the sweetest heart you will ever find. She is polite and always says "please" and "thank you" (some times she still has to be prompted). She shares most things with her sister and if you ask if you can have or borrow something that she is currently occupying, she almost always says yes. (This is not so when she is playing with kids her age, mind you). Always makes sure we don't leave Kinsley out- no matter what!

I love my sweet little two year more than words can express. Sure, she can irritate me to the point of tears, but I hope I never forget the way she walks up to me and says "hi mommy" with that adorable little smile.

6 months old: Kinsley

It's so hard to believe that 6.5 months ago Kinsley was not born yet! She is such a happy baby and has a smile that can light up a room. I am so blessed to be her mommy and find it bitter-sweet that she is growing up so fast.

Her 6 month appointment isn't until after the new year because of all of the holdiay events. However, she is full of life and always on the move....

- sitting up on her own!!! Of course, we have to be right by her to catch her when she topples over....
- is eating baby food! (already?!?!?) So far she has only tried squash and it took two feedings to get the hang of it, but now she will eat almost an entire container and it's only been 4 days!
- made it almost 6 months before getting sick.... and her first illness was a doozy. double ear infection. She handled it like a champ, though. She was extremely congested and I was more worried about her lungs and was surprised when the dr. said it was a double ear infection because not once did she pull on her ears or give me any reason to assume it was an ear infection!
- rolls all over the place
- can put her paci in her mouth
- met Santa Claus and really liked him
- has added a new sound to her vocabulary: with pursed lips she says "bbbbbbbbb"
- tried formula mixed with breast milk today (Dec. 27th) and didn't seem to notice a difference- she downed the entire bottle like she usually does!
- Nurses 4x a day and takes a 4-5 oz bottle immediately following the last 3 nursing sessions each day. I'm having a difficult time keeping my supply up with Kinsley and am even trying fenugreek, but it doesn't seem to be helping. So, I nurse then give her a bottle of frozen breast milk. This means that my frozen supply is quickly dwindling and will be gone within the next few weeks. :(
I introduced formula today since I will be supplementing soon, and she didn't seem to notice! She is the good eater I prayed for! :)
- naps two times a day and occassionally takes a short cat nap in the evenings, though this week she has been dropping the cat nap.
- wears 6 month clothing
- size 2 diapers
- Loves bath time... especially bath time with her big sister, Avery!

Mommy and Daddy love you, Kinsley Rae! Thank you for always bringing a smile to our face!


Kinsley: 5 months

I'm a little late on the 5 month post- two weeks late, to be exact! I guess it's better late than never....

Kinsley is learning so much these days and is such a joy. Every day she discovers something new and is interacting with us more and more. This is such a fun stage!

- rolls over from tummy to back and has to be really entertained to stay on her tummy
- rolled from her back to tummy for the first time on December 3!
- loves to suck on her toes- especially during a diaper change
- reaches for absolutely everything!
- tries rice cereal almost daily and still dislikes it.
- smiles and laughs all the time
- craves attention and company: she will cry as soon as we walk away and loves to be held while we walk around the house. Maybe she will be my "cuddly" child!
- drools non-stop
- met her cousin's the Lackey's over Thanksgiving
- sleeps from 8pm-7-8am
- naps from 9:30/10am - 11:30/12pm (usually in her carseat while we are out and about, and sometimes in her crib), 1:30/2pm- 3:30/4pm (almost always in her swing since this nap overlaps with Avery's), 6/6:30-6:30/7pm
- wears 3-6 mo. and 6 month clothes
- size 2 diapers

Kinsley- time is flying by and you are 5 months old already.... I wish I could slow time! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!!