Bumps and Bruises....

Yep, another bump on the head for Avery. Last night we were at dinner before small group and all of the kids were playing under the table. Avery tripped one time and fell right into the leg of the table. She only cried for about 30 seconds and of course wanted nothing to do with the ice I tried to put on her head. 


Pregnancy #2 milestone!

Yesterday was the first day that someone who didn't know I was pregnant asked if I was expecting! I've finally reached that point where people notice it's a baby bump and not just fluff. :) It's really rather exciting! I'm 23 weeks and the bump has popped out!


The Bump at 22 weeks

22 weeks with baby girl "K"


Sickly Days

The Ireland household has been battling a virus for about a week now. Avery started out last weekend with a lot of congestion and by Thursday was throwing up. By Friday afternoon her eyes were red, swollen and oozing gunk. Chris got home from work on Friday and as soon as he saw her he thought she had conjuctivitis (aka: Pink Eye). We couldn't get into the Dr. that afternoon, but managed to get her an early appointment at the immediate care on Saturday. She indeed had a virus and pink eye. The pink eye was secondary to the virus. Saturday, Sunday and Monday she would wake up okay, but her eyes seemed to get worse as the days went on. The snot and coughing have been terrible, too. The Dr. finally called in some eye drops for her yesterday and they seem to be helping. Let me just say for the record, that putting drops into a 1 year olds eyes is complete torture-- for both parent and child. Today has been much better and her little personality seems to be coming back. She is still fussy at times and isn't sleeping well, but I think that's because she can't suck her thumb and breathe at the same time. This momma is ready for consistent warm weather so that these sinus problems of hers will go away!!! I will say that I have enjoyed my cuddle time with Avery. She usually won't sit still, so I took advantage of cuddling with her over these past few days and even allowed her more movie time than normal. :)
Her left eye is so much worse than her right.... this was taken yesterday. 

even though she feels terrible, she always has time for Bailey.

We also think she passed her sinus issues on to her daddy. Chris woke up on Saturday morning with a lot of stuffiness and a terrible sinus headache that has carried on into today (Tuesday). Pray that they both feel better soon and that I don't catch what they have!!!


Baby girl has a name!!!!

..... and you only get the initials again!!! Her first name will begin with a "K" and her middle name begins with an "R". My Uncle Andy was the first to guess Avery's name correctly; let's see if he can do it again... or if someone else guesses it first! Of course, you won't know your answer until she is born, but have fun guessing!! We liked hearing everyone's guesses last time around and I'm sure this time will be just as fun!

(Sorry, Jordan Howell--- maybe next time we'll pick the name Jordan!!!)


OH! We're half way there.... again!

That's right, folks, I'm 20 weeks already! (Actually, I'll be 21 weeks on Sunday!!!) I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. It's so different the second time around- everything happens sooner than it did the first time. I'm feeling great at 20 weeks, though pretty exhausted by the end of the day due to chasing a one year old all over the place. :) I'm still working out about 3-4 times a week, but that is getting a little more difficult. My lungs can't quite handle the high intensity work-outs as much as they used to and I'm feeling the baby put a lot more pressure on my lower abdomen already. These things didn't start happening with Avery until I was closer to 30 weeks, but this time around I'm experiencing these things 10 weeks earlier!!! I'm still not giving up on my work outs, though I am not giving it 100% anymore either. I'm okay with that as long as I keep it up... it's frustrating at times though! I don't like going to my classes and not giving it my all, but I just keep reminding myself that I have a baby growing inside of me! I'm doing more abdominal and back strenghtening excerises this time around than I did when I was pregnant with Avery, so I'll be interested to see how big of a difference it makes later on in the pregnancy and even post-partum.

We went for our 20 week anatomy scan on Tuesday and are happy to report that baby girl is very healthy and measuring right on track. My due date is still June 24th! She is a very active little girl and was kicking and moving all over the place during the u/s. Avery never moved that much during our ultrasounds. I've been feeling her move for several weeks now, and so has Chris! Avery, of course, has absolutely no idea what is going on...

Here is a look at the belly bump just one day shy of 20 weeks.

To see what the bump looked like with Avery at 21 weeks, click here

And for a look back at what was going on at 20 weeks with Avery click here.


It's a .....


Avery is so very proud to announce that she will have a little sister in June! (Really, she has no idea what's about to hit her....) We couldn't be happier about our new additon being another girl. Avery has been such an incredible blessing in our lives and we have no doubt that our second daughter will be a blessing as well.... she already is!!! Now on to picking a name.... 


15.5 months

I can't believe how quickly our baby is turning into a little girl. Avery is already 15.5 months! She is by far the sweetest little girl ever and is our little social butterfly.... though she does have a shy side, as well.

Avery at 15.5 months:

- a wonderful helper.... she loves to help with the laundry, put things in the trash, carry items to where they need to be... you name it, and she will help!
- still LOVES bath time and goes speed walking to the bathroom as soon as she hears the word "bath"
- has 10 teeth!! (two of which are molars, which made for some horrible teething days!!!)
- is quite a picky eater.
- can feed herself with a spoon/fork as long as someone puts the food on the utensil first!
- She is really into books these days...  her favorite books are currently Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Baby Peek-a-boo. 
- Bailey is her best friend :) and she thinks it is hilarious to get Bailey kisses (even if Mommy and Daddy think it's disgusting!!)
- loves loves LOVES to be chased
- stomps her feet and twirls in circles when she dances
- Is a social butterfly with her peers, but with adults she has a shy side
- Avery is very smart, and though she isn't saying any words yet, she knows how to tell us what she wants by pointing and definitely understands the things we tell her. (she does say Mama, dada, Dat (that) and Da (dog) )
- Can sign "more", "all done", and as of this week, "please"
- Blows kisses
- no longer wants to sit in her high-chair, but wants to sit at the table like a big girl!
- Is growing up so fast! She can now reach the door knobs and knows how to get down a step by crawling down backwards!

- has been to her first college basketball game-- go Ragin' Cajuns!
- is going to be a big sister in June!
- wears size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night
- is in that awkward stage where 12 month clothing is almost too small, but 18 month is still too big.

Today we had her 15 month well check-up and she is as healthy as can be!

Weight: 19 lbs (5%)
Height: 29.5 inches (25%)
Head circ.: 17 1/4 in (5%)


Big Girl!

This is how Avery ate all of her meals today-- in a big girl chair. She refused to sit in her high chair. Our girl is growing up....