Sickly Days

The Ireland household has been battling a virus for about a week now. Avery started out last weekend with a lot of congestion and by Thursday was throwing up. By Friday afternoon her eyes were red, swollen and oozing gunk. Chris got home from work on Friday and as soon as he saw her he thought she had conjuctivitis (aka: Pink Eye). We couldn't get into the Dr. that afternoon, but managed to get her an early appointment at the immediate care on Saturday. She indeed had a virus and pink eye. The pink eye was secondary to the virus. Saturday, Sunday and Monday she would wake up okay, but her eyes seemed to get worse as the days went on. The snot and coughing have been terrible, too. The Dr. finally called in some eye drops for her yesterday and they seem to be helping. Let me just say for the record, that putting drops into a 1 year olds eyes is complete torture-- for both parent and child. Today has been much better and her little personality seems to be coming back. She is still fussy at times and isn't sleeping well, but I think that's because she can't suck her thumb and breathe at the same time. This momma is ready for consistent warm weather so that these sinus problems of hers will go away!!! I will say that I have enjoyed my cuddle time with Avery. She usually won't sit still, so I took advantage of cuddling with her over these past few days and even allowed her more movie time than normal. :)
Her left eye is so much worse than her right.... this was taken yesterday. 

even though she feels terrible, she always has time for Bailey.

We also think she passed her sinus issues on to her daddy. Chris woke up on Saturday morning with a lot of stuffiness and a terrible sinus headache that has carried on into today (Tuesday). Pray that they both feel better soon and that I don't catch what they have!!!

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connieteasley said...

So glad Avery is feeling better and almost new again. Hopefully sunny, beautiful days are coming.