OH! We're half way there.... again!

That's right, folks, I'm 20 weeks already! (Actually, I'll be 21 weeks on Sunday!!!) I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. It's so different the second time around- everything happens sooner than it did the first time. I'm feeling great at 20 weeks, though pretty exhausted by the end of the day due to chasing a one year old all over the place. :) I'm still working out about 3-4 times a week, but that is getting a little more difficult. My lungs can't quite handle the high intensity work-outs as much as they used to and I'm feeling the baby put a lot more pressure on my lower abdomen already. These things didn't start happening with Avery until I was closer to 30 weeks, but this time around I'm experiencing these things 10 weeks earlier!!! I'm still not giving up on my work outs, though I am not giving it 100% anymore either. I'm okay with that as long as I keep it up... it's frustrating at times though! I don't like going to my classes and not giving it my all, but I just keep reminding myself that I have a baby growing inside of me! I'm doing more abdominal and back strenghtening excerises this time around than I did when I was pregnant with Avery, so I'll be interested to see how big of a difference it makes later on in the pregnancy and even post-partum.

We went for our 20 week anatomy scan on Tuesday and are happy to report that baby girl is very healthy and measuring right on track. My due date is still June 24th! She is a very active little girl and was kicking and moving all over the place during the u/s. Avery never moved that much during our ultrasounds. I've been feeling her move for several weeks now, and so has Chris! Avery, of course, has absolutely no idea what is going on...

Here is a look at the belly bump just one day shy of 20 weeks.

To see what the bump looked like with Avery at 21 weeks, click here

And for a look back at what was going on at 20 weeks with Avery click here.

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Emily said...

I think you're a little bigger this time around ;) haha but still an absolutely adorable baby bump :) can't wait to see another adorable baby girl in just a few more months!