Some of you have known for a few weeks now that we were going to be getting a boxer puppy. Well, last night was the night! Bailey was finally able to come home with us! Here's the story:

Chris and I have been wanting a boxer for a very long time. Once we moved into our new home here in Florida we began our search. We had no idea where to find boxer breeders so I called a local vet one day. I asked if they knew of any breeders in the area and their first response was "no" but then said that a lady had been in just that morning with 2 day old boxer puppies. They told me they would get in touch with her to see if she was keeping the dogs or selling them. I gave them my number and a few days later received a phone call that the pups were available. There were 5 in the littler--3 boys and 2 girls. We were emailed pictures of the entire litter and one week later we went to visit them. As it turned out, the family lives in our neighborhood and are only 1.5 miles away from us.... perfect for weekly visits! The family we bought Bailey from own both the mom and the dad-- the litter was kind of an accident. haha! It was great being able to see both the mom and dad and learn about their different personalities. Bailey seems to be more like her mom right now, calm and cuddly. The owners and their children are great and we have really enjoyed getting to know them. They welcomed us into their home on a weekly basis, allowing us to watch Bailey grow and even become somewhat familiar with us before bringing her home. We hope to stay in touch with them and are actually already planning to meet up in the neighborhood for walks. One of the boys is going to a family in the neighborhood as well and the rest are going to be within 30 minutes of us so the family we bought her from are already planning to get them all together for their first birthday-- how fun will that be!?!? Anyways, we brought her home last night and were pleasantly surprised at how well she did her first night away from her mom and siblings. Enjoy the pics and I'll let you all know how our first week goes so be sure to come back for more!!
Immediately after she was born
3 weeks old
4 1/2 weeks old
5 weeks old

Bailey's first night at home

Night number 2... Chris fell asleep with Bailey on her bed