Kinsley: 7 months

How unbelievable is it that Kinsley is 7 months old already?!!? It's like I blinked and I no longer have a newborn, but this adorable, happy, smiley little girl who is growing way too fast for my liking.

Kinsley is growing by leaps and bounds:

- she will hold her arms up when we reach to pick her up
- eats baby food twice a day
- still nurses 4x a day and after the last three feedings she takes a bottle of formula because I am not able to produce enough for her.
- wants to be on the move so badly, but can't crawl yet so she resorts to rolling to wherever she wishes to be.
- is trying to lunge herself forward onto her hands from a sitting position, but usually ends up face planting instead of ending up on all fours- but she is trying!!!
- has mastered the art of sitting up by herself.
- loves playing with her big sister and smiles at her constantly and loves laughing along with Avery while they play.
- has lost most of her dark hair, but it's beginning to come back in blonde. She has a few random long hairs scattered on her head- it's so cute!
- sits in her high chair during meal time
- takes 2 long naps during the day and the occasional cat nap in the evening but the cat naps are few and far between
- loves sleeping on her tummy
- is ticklish and has the greatest laugh in the world!
- loves jumping in her jumper
- loves to "talk" and squeal
- drools ALL the time.... and chews on everything- her first tooth must be getting close!
- Traveled to Miami for the first time!
- wears size 3 diapers
- wears 6 month clothing and the occasional 3-6 month clothing.


Kinsley's 6 month photo shoot

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