Back to blogging!

WOW... has it been a while since I've blogged, or what?!!? Not too much has been going on around the Ireland household these past few weeks other than work, work and more work. Two weekends ago Chris' parents and cousin David came down for a few days- it was so great seeing them and spending time with family. David lives up in D.C and had been down in south Florida for spring training and decided to stop by our place on his way back up north. We are so glad he came and enjoyed catching up with him. Ed and Cheryl brought their sweet little pup, Holli for the weekend and Bailey just wouldn't leave her alone. You have to have the full picture though- Holli is a 6.5 pound yorkie who is about 5 years old.... Bailey is a 46 pound Boxer PUPPY full of energy. Bailey would chase Holli around all day and night and poor Holli just didn't want any of it. Bailey just wanted to play but doesn't quite understand that enough is enough sometimes! Overall, we had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed our time together. We wish we could see more of them, but always enjoy the time we do have together. Well, that's all for now. I hope all of you faithful readers are having a great week, and maybe I won't wait another month before I give you another post again. Love you all!