Lilly's one year photo shoot

The incredibly talented Seana Tate took these adorable pictures of Lilly at 12.5 months old. Seana and I met when we lived in Niceville and thanks to social media, we have kept in touch. I love that we have kept in touch and that we can get together when we go back "home" to Florida. Check out her website.... Seana Tate Photography

Lilly is ONE!

I'm almost in shock that my baby girl is one today. So much has happened in her one year of life yet I feel like the year just flashed before my eyes. Over the last 24 hours I keep replaying the first moment I saw her. She was limp, blue and silent. The doctor and nurses were moving quickly and it was the scariest minute of our lives. That's all it was... a short 60 seconds, if that, but it felt like eternity to me. The neonatal nurses worked with her and she finally started to cry and "pink up". I thank God for her (and her sisters) every.single.day. Now, here we are, exactly one year later and she is a healthy, happy little girl. She brings so much joy and happiness into our home and my love for her overflows! I cannot imagine my life without her in it.

Lilly Ann:
- smiles all of the time
- goes with the flow
- LOVES her big sisters and is always giggling with them
- still doesn't sleep through the night consistently, and when she does sleep through the night she wakes up between 5:15 and 6:15am.... I REALLY hope this changes soon. Mommy likes her sleep! :)
- cruises on furniture and walks with her push toys, kitchen chairs or anything else that will move when she pushes it.
- she is just beginning to stand without holding on to anything, but this doesn't last long before she plops down.
- walks well when holding on to something or someone. She really only needs to hold on to one of my fingers for stability when walking. I don't think it will be too long before she is walking on her own
- one week before she turned 1 she started to pull her out. We noticed she would do so when nursing or sometime during the night because we would find clumps of hair in her hand when she woke up. This has resulted in a bald spot. :(
- nurses 2 times a day (morning and night) as of two weeks ago
- tried whole milk a few times at 11.5 months, but I noticed it made her spit up a lot so I haven't given her any recently.
- loves dogs... and I mean she REALLY LOVES dogs- especially our neighbor dogs, Penny and Finnegan
- still only has two teeth (bottom centrals)
- wears size 4 diapers
- wears 12 month clothes

We love you, Lil, and are so thankful God has allowed us to be your parents.

 Below are pictures of Lilly eating her first cupcake on her birthday!