18 weeks

I am 18 weeks today and cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by. I know it's because I'm chasing a one year old around all day as opposed to sitting at a desk daydreaming about our future baby like I was during my pregnancy with Avery. I am feeling great these days and am glad the nausea has passed. Every now and then I will feel a little queasy, but it is nothing like it was! I'm also feeling baby kick more and more every day. This is one of my favorite things about being pregnant and something I missed so much after Avery was born. Chris even felt the baby move for the first time on Friday night!!! He was so excited and I loved watching his face light up every time he felt movement. 


Play date

Today we had a play date with Kate, Asher and baby Kenyon!!! Avery LOVED watching the big kids play and followed them everywhere!! Kate wanted to drive the jeep and Avery was chasing her all around the cul-de-sac. Finally, I put Avery in with Kate (as long as Avery stayed seated and Kate drove VERY slowly... I'm not paranoid at all!!) and she had a blast. I wish I could have recorded the delight on her face and the sound of her sweet laughter, but I only had enough time to snap a picture with my phone before it started raining. We love the Nelson family and cherish the memories we make with them!! 



"Stay-cation" January 2012

My wonderful and amazing husband surprised me with a "stay-cation" this weekend! This was in celebration of our 4th anniversary (back in December) and just a relaxing time for the two of us with all the craziness we have going on in our lives this month. My parents kept Avery and Bailey for us beginning Saturday just after lunch through Sunday morning. Chris and I enjoyed our Saturday afternoon together by doing whatever we wanted on absolutely no schedule at all! We explored areas of Destin that we've never been before and enjoyed driving through the different neighborhoods. Chris then took me to my surprise "stay-cation" which was the beautiful Henderson Beach Bed & Breakfast! We checked in and then spent time on the patio overlooking the ocean and enjoying happy hour.... well, Chris enjoyed Happy Hour :)  We sat on the patio playing scrabble and eating the delicious food brought out to us. It was a beautiful spring-like day by the water. Once happy hour was over we walked along the beach and watched the most beautiful sunset. That night we enjoyed a scrumptious (and quite filling) dinner at the restaurant there at the inn. For all of you foodies out there who are interested in what we ate: my dinner started out with a crab cake for an appetizer, then a house salad and a petite filet. Christopher had french onion soup, wedge salad, and venison. This was all after our bread and complimentary appetizer! Of course we had to follow it up with bread pudding for dessert. YUM YUM!
We were so stuffed by the end of our dinner we didn't think we could even roll ourselves back to our room! That's the price you pay for some good food, I guess! We watched a movie then went to sleep only to be awaken at 1:30am to the blaring fire alarm! SERIOUSLY!??! We didn't have a child to be up for in the middle of the night, but yet we were still up in the middle of the night. What.are.the.chances...

Our room

The view from our balcony.

another view from our balcony

ready for dinner!!!!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a breakfast buffet and then got ready to check out. Chris and I spent the morning walking on the beach and soaking our feet in the hot tub before picking up Avery and Bailey. It  was the most wonderful "stay-cation" and I'm so thankful that Chris thought of doing that! We both really needed some time relaxing and some time together. If you ever have the chance to have an overnight "stay-cation" we strongly encourage you to do so!

another beautiful day! 65-70 degrees in January! AMAZING!

Sunday marked my 16th week of pregnancy! I seriously can't believe how quickly it is going by. My nausea seems to be gone for the most part and I've noticed my energy level has picked up some. Oh how I love the 2nd trimester- now if I can just clear up my face!! I mean, whatever happened to that motherly glow??

The BUMP at 16 weeks!!!!! 


Here we go again!

I'm PREGNANT!!!! Chris and I are expecting baby #2 on June 24th and could not be more excited about our new addition! That makes me 15.5 weeks pregnant already! Of course, Avery has no idea what's going on, but we know that she will be the BEST big sister ever-- and poor Bailey has absolutely no idea what's coming. She was pretty depressed after Avery arrived and we can only imagine how she will react when we bring another baby home. I found out on October 18th (just a week before Avery's first birthday) that I was pregnant and couldn't wait for Chris to come home from work so that I could share with him the exciting news. I found the "big sister" shirt that Bailey wore when I told Chris that I was pregnant with Avery and of course thought it would be so sweet for Avery to be wearing the same shirt when Chris got home from work that day. It took him a few seconds to realize what she was wearing, but was ecstatic when the reality hit him! :) Having Avery help share the wonderful news was such a fun and special time for us both. 

Questions people keep asking us:

1. Were we trying or is this baby a surprise?
    This baby is NOT a surprise... We were trying! 
2. Will we find out the sex of the baby?
    ABSOLUTELY! I am a planner and the baby and Avery will share a room so if it's a boy we will           
    have to get rid of a lot of the pink in Avery's room now.  :)
3. Are we going to keep the name a secret again?
    Honestly, we haven't even talked about it, so I have no idea. 
4. Am I showing yet?
    Yes, I think I am showing, but I'm not sure it's enough for others to see yet. I think I am a lot bigger now than I was this time with Avery (if that makes sense?) though!

The BUMP the day after I found out... about 4.5 weeks here.

The BUMP at 13 weeks!
God is so incredible and we cannot give Him enough thanks for allowing us to be parents to another child of His.