Lilly: 11 months

It's Lilly's birth month... and tonight at dinner Chris mentioned our "1 year old". Um, I am not ready for her to be one! She is quite possibly our last little baby and I am wanting to hold on to the baby period for as long as possible. I don't want my last baby to grow up. I have such mixed emotions about her birthday being one month away. For one,  I love this stage. She is busy exploring everything, she is cruising every where and she loves being a part of all that is going on. Such a fun time! However, like I said previously, she is my baby and I want her to stay that way!

Lilly at 11 months old:
- waves hi and bye
- doesn't sign because I haven't taken the time to teach her how to do so
- cruises along all the furniture and will push her walker, chairs, or anything else that will move when pushed, but won't attempt to walk without support yet.
- celebrated her first Thanksgiving and Christmas.... which was so hard for me to believe because she's been with us for so long!
- still nurses exclusively 3 times a day
- eats table food and is an excellent eater. She much prefers food that she can feed herself rather than foods we have to spoon feed. She also gets really fussy if we don't feed her quick enough!
- still loves bath time
- has separation anxiety when we drop her off at the gym or church nursery.
- she despises diaper changes and will cry the entire time we are changing her.... all while trying to roll over or scoot off of the changing table. Changing her clothes and diapers is like wrestling an alligator- or so I think!
- wears size 9 and 12 month clothes
- wears size 4 diapers