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6 months
Easter 2011

6 months

Happy "half" birthday, sweet girl! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives.

Things you are doing at 6 months old:

-you can sit all by yourself! Mommy and Daddy have to stay close by because you will topple over, but every day you are able to sit for longer periods of time without support.
-you are eating solids 2 times a day. So far you've tried carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Squash is your favorite and you aren't too fond of the sweet potatoes
-you suck your thumb all of the time
-you are always happy and very content
-you love Bailey and smile and laugh whenever she walks up to you
-you enjoy sitting in your high chair
-you have to be entertained all of the time... otherwise you get bored and just lay there and suck your thumb.
-you have been "swimming" twice and seem to really like the water.
-you've been on your first boat ride
-you've traveled to 5 states in your 6 months of life
-you've been on a plane
-you are wearing 6-9 month clothing
-you are in size 2 and/or 3 diapers
-you roll over from your tummy to your back and it's nearly impossible for us to keep you on your stomach for tummy time
- you want to be on the move so badly, but haven't quite figured out how to crawl... you will push with your legs and face plant- it won't be long, though!
-you love to stand... with support, of course!
-you don't have any teeth breaking through yet, but you drool ALL of the time and you chomp on everything!
-you have the cutest little leg rolls we've ever seen!

6 month stats:
weight: 14 lbs 6 oz (10-25%)
Height: 25 in (25-50%)
Head Circ.: 16 1/4 in (25%)

You did fabulous at your doctor appointment. You received one oral vaccine and two shots. Last time you took the oral vaccine with no problems, but this time you put up a fight and made it difficult for the nurse to administer the vaccine to you. The nurse also had to give you a shot in each thigh and you only cried for about 5 seconds and stopped as soon as Mommy picked you up. You always do so wonderfully at your appointments and I am so proud of you.

Avery, thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. We love you, little Monkey!!


Easter 2011

We had such a wonderful first Easter with Avery Nicole. I'm seriously loving all of these "firsts" and am overflowing with so much joy as Chris and I get to experience these things with eachother and with Avery.

Our small group had an Easter party on Saturday complete with an Easter egg hunt for all 20+ kids that were there. Obviously Avery did not participate, but she did get to be a part of the big group picture with all of the kiddos. What a fun memory (for Chris and me, since she obviously won't be remembering it *wink*)! Brad and Amy were so sweet to have us all over to their house and we enjoyed some delicious food and great fellowship with eachother. We are so blessed to be a part of this small group and look forward to the many more memories we will make with them.

(Don't forget you can click on each picture to enlarge them!!)

On Easter Sunday we went to our home church here in FL. Avery hung out in the nursery with her friends while Chris and I enjoyed a really wonderful Easter service. Our pastor's message was really great and was followed by the cardboard testimonies. If you've never heard of this or seen it done I encourage you to research it. The idea is that on one side you write one of your struggles and on the other side you write how God has saved you from that pain. A number of our congregation participated and I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire building. God works in each of our lives and uses different circumstances to ultimately bring us closer to Him. Those that shared their cardboard testimonies on Sunday had suffered from a great deal of pain in their lives, but in the end they have found faith and hope in God and have turned their pain into a means to glorify our God. It was so impactful.

After the service we went to my parents house where Avery got to have her first Easter egg hunt! She was very interested in how the eggs tasted. hehe. After her Easter egg hunt we all changed and headed to the marina where my parents rented a pontoon boat for my sister's 23rd birthday and Avery's half-birthday- both of which were on Monday the 25th. Aunt Tara also went with us and we had a very fun and relaxing 4 hours out on the water. Chris took his paddle board and it was so fun watching us all try it out. Bailey also got to go out with us and we put her in the water to try and improve her swimming skills.... she is absolutely TERRIFIED of the water and was shaking all over. She prefers to be on the boat instead of in the water.

...Avery with her Easter goodies....

...isn't our little bunny so precious?...
{family pictures}

...I love my baby girl oh so much....

....Avery with her Aunt Amanda...
...Avery with her Great-Aunt Tara (aka. Aunt TaTa)...
...I loved, loved, loved her Easter dress-she is so beautiful!...

...Mimi, Avery, and Granddaddy...
...mommy's favorite....
...Avery's first Easter egg hunt...

...Easter goodies from Mimi, Granddaddy and Aunt Amanda...

....Aunt Tara trying out the paddle board for the first time...
...she did it!!!...
...sister, sister... (ewww, I'm so pale next to her!)
...even Bailey tried out the board...

...happy birthday!!!...
...Avery's first time on a boat....
...love them....

There are a lot of pictures from our time on the boat, but I guess they are all on my parent's camera. I'll have get them and post them later for you all to see!

It was a wonderful Easter weekend and I'm so glad that we were able to celebrate Amanda's birthday as well. I hope you all have a wonderful time with family or friends as you celebrated our risen Savior.


We have a SITTER!!!

Over the past few weeks we've really been working with Avery in helping her to sit on her own. She has always had great head/neck control and has been learning to sit in her bumbo seat from an early age. We have also used her boppy pillow as a means in supporting her as she learns how to sit. She started out in a reclined position on her boppy and then moved to a seated position with surrounded support from her boppy. Just in the past week she has been able to sit without any support for a few seconds before toppling over. On April 21, I say she truly sat for the first time without any support because it was the first time I was able to snap a few pictures while she remained sitting! We still have to be close by in case she begins to fall over, but every day she is able to sit for longer periods by herself. It is unbelievable that our little girl is already sitting on her own.... when did she grow from a newborn into a sitter?!!?

{Practicing sitting with her boppy pillow}

{April 21, 2011- sitting for the first time without any support!!}

{It is so wierd to see her from this new angle!}