We have a SITTER!!!

Over the past few weeks we've really been working with Avery in helping her to sit on her own. She has always had great head/neck control and has been learning to sit in her bumbo seat from an early age. We have also used her boppy pillow as a means in supporting her as she learns how to sit. She started out in a reclined position on her boppy and then moved to a seated position with surrounded support from her boppy. Just in the past week she has been able to sit without any support for a few seconds before toppling over. On April 21, I say she truly sat for the first time without any support because it was the first time I was able to snap a few pictures while she remained sitting! We still have to be close by in case she begins to fall over, but every day she is able to sit for longer periods by herself. It is unbelievable that our little girl is already sitting on her own.... when did she grow from a newborn into a sitter?!!?

{Practicing sitting with her boppy pillow}

{April 21, 2011- sitting for the first time without any support!!}

{It is so wierd to see her from this new angle!}

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