A Charleston Wedding

My best friend, Courtney, got married this past weekend!!! The wedding was in Charleston, SC and was absolutely beautiful! Courtney was one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen and I am so incredibly happy for her and Alston. I am so thankful to have been by her side on the most special day in her life. She is an amazing friend and will be an amazing wife to Alston. The entire weekend was spectacular and I enjoyed every minute.

The drive from FL to Charleston is about 11-12 hours so we decided to split the trip and drive it in two days. Unfortunately, Chris couldn't take that much time off of work so on Wednesday Bailey, Avery and myself piled into my sister's car with my parents and sister, Amanda and began our roadtrip. We were packed in like sardines, but we made it work! Our plan was to spend Wednesday night in Douglasville with my in-laws. It was really the perfect stopping point as it is half way between home and Charleston. They were keeping Bailey for us for the weekend and we were going to drop her off so we decided we would stay the night. Unfortunately, my Great-Aunt passed away on Tuesday night so we made a pit-stop in Newnan so that my sister and I could pay our condolences since we were not going to make it to the funeral due to my bridesmaid's duties. It was great seeing family, but I wish the circumstances had been different. After visiting with my Great-Uncle and the family, we got in the car and drove the last hour to Douglasville. It was so wonderful seeing Ed and Cheryl and I'm glad they got to spend time with Avery. Cheryl had dinner ready for us and we were even able to celebrate Ed's birthday!!
Thursday morning we ate breakfast with Cheryl and then hit the road again. We had to stop at the ATL airport so that my parents could rent a car since they were having to stay in Newnan an extra night for the funeral before driving to Charleston. Amanda, Avery and I finally made our way to Charleston and enjoyed a "girl night" and some fun time with Courtney, her family, and the bridesmaids.

Friday morning was the bridesmaids luncheon and it was such a wonderful time for Courtney and her girls. Courtney is so blessed to have so many women who love her. The ladies that hosted the luncheon honored Courtney in such a beautiful way. I am so thankful to have her as a friend!

The rehearsal dinner was held at Lowndes Grove- a magnificent plantation on the water in Charleston. After the rehearsal, the parent's of the groom hosted a party for all of the wedding guests. There was an awesome band and an open bar. What a wonderful way to welcome all of your guests to a destination wedding!

Chris flew in just in time for the rehearsal dinner to start!!! We really enjoyed spending time together at the party on Friday night while my parents kept Avery at the hotel. They arrived in Charleston about an hour before the party. Amanda kept Avery for me all day on Friday while I was at the luncheon and rehearsal. She was a fantastic babysitter!

It was a fabulous weekend and I'm so excited for Courtney and Alston.

A very special thanks to Amanda, Mom and Dad for all of their help with Avery while I was busy with my bridesmaid duties. Also, thanks to my wonderful in-laws, Ed and Cheryl, for taking care of Bailey for us. Last but not least- thanks to my amazing husband for all that you do for me. I had so much fun this weekend and the wedding was a great reminder of the vows that we made more than 3 years ago. I love you!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with my Mom and Dad. I had every intention of getting a big family picture, but I guess I got distracted... so sad.


Kimberly and Jordan said...

Best bridesmaid dresses ever. Abs you look fantastic! Glad you had fun. I love Charleston.

Mom said...

It was a wonderful weekend. So glad we were able to attend. The wedding was beautiful and Avery was an angel!! ;-)