5 months!!

Happy 5 months to our precious baby girl! Every month I take a few pictures of her in her glider to show how much she has grown and I must say that it was quite difficult trying to capture a decent picture because the girl is all over the place! No, she is not crawling or sitting on her own yet, but she reaches for absolutely everything and wants to be on the move so badly. Take a look at the pictures below to see exactly what I am talking about....

{She is laughing, not crying, in this one}

We won't be going back to the Dr. again for another month, so no stats to report.

Things Avery is doing at 5 months:
-interacting more with Bailey
-traveled on her first airplane
-only using a pacifier in the church nursery, the childcare at the gym, or if we are in a restaurant and she starts to get fussy. No paci at home for this girl!
-she is very content and very happy
-enjoying tummy time more and will turn herself in a circle while on her tummy
-trying to roll from her back to her tummy- she almost has it!
-tasted rice cereal for the first time
-grabs her toes which can make diaper changing interesting, to say the least. It is helpful while cleaning her bottom, but putting on a new diaper can be quite the challenge! ha!
-"talks" very loudly
-still nursing 4 times a day- yep, we made it FIVE months!!!
-just started a new shedule this week and has adapted very well! She is now staying up longer between naps and has dropped from 5 feedings down to 4 feedings every 4 hours.
-went "swimming" in the pool for the first time
-wears six month clothing and size 2 diapers

I hope I didn't forget anything....

We love you, Avery Nicole!! Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives!


Sarah said...

She's such a cutie, Abby. Congrats on making it 5 months nursing! Give your self a pat on the back (and the boobs - hahahaha!) and be proud. She will benefit greatly from it.

Kimberly and Jordan said...

I'm looking forward to meeting her! She's a beautiful, healthy, breast-fed little girl!