Avery's first "real" beach day

Avery has been down to the beach and has put her toes in the sand a few times before, but this past Saturday was her first REAL beach day- swimsuit, lotion and all! She was so stinkin' cute in her swimsuit, sunglasses and hat that we of course had to take a million pictures.... but when it's your first baby the papparazi is always ready to document every move she makes! By the time we made it to the beach it was her naptime, but we went ahead and took her down anyway. We took a few dozen pictures and then she was out. She slept with her Mimi for a while and then it was time to take her up to the condo for her feeding- we didn't bother to pack things up because we assumed we would take her back down after she ate. Well, Avery had other plans and decided she didn't take a long enough nap and she fell back asleep. Chris, Amanda and I went back down to relax on the beach while Grandaddy and Mimi stayed in the condo while the munchkin slept. All of that to say- she didn't even get to sit in the sand this time.... so sad! She did however get to go swimming for the first time (pictures and video below). She did so great and would kick those little chunky legs, but eventually decided the water was not quite warm enough (eventhough it is heated... just not a lot) and started to cry. We quickly dried her off and took her back upstairs for a bath, another feeding time and another nap. I would say that her first real beach day was quite a success.

{Touching the water for the first time!!!}

{she has had enough!!}

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Can't wait for our next beach trip! Maybe this weekend if it's nice!?!?!


Rachael said...

So cute! I love babies in beach hats!

Mom said...

Such a fun day!!!