A's first taste of rice cereal

Avery has really shown a lot of interest in whatever Christopher and I are eating/drinking. She is always grabbing for our food and the other day she took a chip out of Chris' hand and put it in her mouth! No, we didn't let her eat it- no worries! So, we thought we would try giving her rice cereal on Sunday, March 20 (just 5 days before she will be 5 months!). Truthfully, we think she was more interested in the spoon than the food. Half of the cereal ended up in her mouth and the other half - well, let's just say bath time came immediately after the rice cereal experience!
{here comes the first taste...}

{not too sure about this stuff....}

{the spoon is much more interesting that the food}

{definitely not sure about this....}


Laura said...

Abby, so cute! I loved it when Ellie could start eating solids. It helps in so many ways! My advice would be to get a couple of plastic bibs that you can easily wipe clean. They really do make a mess at first and some of the stains never come out of fabric bibs. Avery is just too cute for words!!

The Capps said...

Also Making is smidge thicker helps too....like your friend Laura said those plastic bibs are a must...especially once she starts eating more new foods...She is doing great!!!