K's first taste of rice cereal!

How is it possible that Kinsley is already old enough for rice cereal??? She will be five months old on the 21st and this past Saturday we attempted to give her rice cereal and she was NOT. A. FAN... 


We have a two year old! This is such a fun stage with Avery.... it's also extremely challenging. She is learning so much and every day she makes us laugh with something new she has discovered. There are also days that she has me close to tears because of how much she tests me and chooses to disobey. Chris and I are having a difficult time finding the best way to effectively discipline her. Sometimes I feel like she just DOES NOT LISTEN. Those days are tough; but then there are days like today, where she is a pure delight and "re-energizes" me with her laughter and her love. I am so blessed to be her mommy and she lights up my life every single day. I wish I could freeze time because though this is a challenging age it's also one of my favorites! My heart overflows with so much love for this little girl that I'm brought to tears just trying to put my feelings into words tonight. 

Avery at 2 years old:

Weight: 23 lbs 6.4 oz (10%)
Height: 32.5 in (10-25%)
Head Circ.: 18 1/4 (10-25%)

She is still our petite little girl, but don't let that fool you-- she is super strong for being so tiny!

The birthday girl!!! 
Excited about her birthday cupcakes at school!

- has an expanding vocabulary. Beginning at 22 months she started saying more than just "mommy" and "daddy" etc. She would put two words together and has quickly learned how to repeat most words we say (yes, we have to be careful these days!) and now she can get her point across by combining three words. 
- is close to being potty trained. We've been taking it slow since she really began showing signs around 18 months. Then, just after Kinsley was born (Avery was 20 months) she showed extreme interest in going on the big girl potty, but having a newborn at home I wasn't ready to push the subject so we just took it slow. Now, at 2, she is so close but still has some wet diapers and the occassional dirty one. I don't think it will be long before we are out of diapers for good! 
- got her first hair cut one week after her second birthday
Avery's first hair cut... the finished product!
- loves her little sister and continually showers her with kisses
- went to the zoo for the first time and LOVED it (that post will come soon) 
- really enjoys going to school and church each week
- Ellis and Jenna are her best friends
Ellis and Avery at church
- Mommy's little helper.... whether its "folding" laundry, cleaning or helping with Kinsley she is a     fantastic helper
- she is so caring and nurturing even at her young age and she never ceases to amaze me.
- Avery is extremely smart and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. People are always telling me how smart she is. 

Avery, mommy and daddy love you very much!!!