We're MOVING!!!

The big decision has FINALLY been made! We are moving to FLORIDA!!! Chris has accepted a job with Premier Rehab (a part of PT Solutions) in Fort Walton, which is right outside of Destin. We never imagined we would end up in that part of Florida, but God has led us there and we are so excited about this new phase in our lives. Chris and I met the owner and regional manager on Wednesday in Montgomery. They interviewed Chris for a few hours and then took both of us out for drinks later that night. We sat and talked for about 2 hours and at the end they offered Chris the job. We told them that we wanted some time to think about it and pray about it, and Chris called them today (Friday) with his acceptance! God is so good. We have had so many opportunities and have been so blessed throughout this entire process. I know that so many of you have been praying for us and I cannot thank you enough. For so long we felt like we had NO direction and we have been slightly stressed and confused (to say the least). It was incredible how God made it so completely obvious that this is where we are to be for this point in our lives. Right now we are planning on moving down there the 2nd week of July. We will keep you updated! Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement! We're so excited and can't wait to be Floridians!!! Come and visit us whenever you want!!


Kitchen Progress

Some of you have asked for updates on Ed and Cheryl's kitchen. I've posted a few pictures of the most recent development... the cabinets! It's looking great!


Dr. Christopher Brian Ireland

Chris graduated!!! That's right everyone, my husband is now a Physical Therapist! He has worked so hard over the last 3 years and I am so proud of him. The time and dedication he put into his school work has paid off! Last week we went to Augusta, Ga for graduation. MCG (Medical College of Ga) has several ceremonies for the graduates. On Thursday, May 7th, was the Honors and Hooding ceremony. Here, the graduates are acknowledged by being "hooded" with their Doctorate or Masters hood. Below are pictures of Christopher's doctorate hooding.

His professor, Doug performed the hooding

After the ceremony we went to a place called Bollweevil in downtown Augusta. They have 24 incredible desserts the size of Texas! (That is only a slight exaggeration, just ask my dad!) We ran into the Muchnicks/Pattersons as well as Leanna Dailey and her family while at the Bollweevil.

On Friday morning, May 8th, the PT department held a small and intimate ceremony for the students. A few of the professors and students spoke and then the graduates were given a White Coat with their new title on it! At the end of the ceremony they did a candle light circle where they all said a brief statement to the person next to them. This was a very special time for the students and professors to enjoy their last moments together as one.

The guys before the PT celebration!

Receiving his white coat

DPT class of 2009

Justin is impressed with his brothers new title as DOCTOR!

I am married to a Doctor!
Apparently blue was the color of the day!

Friday afternoon was MCG's graduation ceremony. We had AWESOME seats and were able to get great pictures of Christopher throughout the ceremony. It was so amazing to watch him walk across that stage and receive his diploma that he has worked so very hard for. I honestly cannot believe that these three years are over. We could not have made it through if it weren't for your love and support through it all. The prayers that you prayed and the encouragment along the way have meant so much to both of us and we THANK YOU!!

Enon Hopkins and Chris excited to be graduating!


This is only half of the diploma... it is HUGE! It's also in Latin, which is kinda neat.

Congratulations, Doctor Christopher Brian Ireland!!!!



So, I found this new blog via my friend Janna. Everything looks so yummy and hopefully one day I'll be able to try some of this stuff out! I really wanted to make the graduations caps for Chris and his classmates this weekend, but feared they would not do well traveling in the car! Check it out... and thanks Janna! :) www.bakerella.blogspot.com