Baby girl has a name!!!!

..... and you only get the initials again!!! Her first name will begin with a "K" and her middle name begins with an "R". My Uncle Andy was the first to guess Avery's name correctly; let's see if he can do it again... or if someone else guesses it first! Of course, you won't know your answer until she is born, but have fun guessing!! We liked hearing everyone's guesses last time around and I'm sure this time will be just as fun!

(Sorry, Jordan Howell--- maybe next time we'll pick the name Jordan!!!)


N Muchnick said...

Kensie Rose is my guess for now....I'm sure I'll have other guesses later! So happy baby girl has a name!!

Emily said...

Haha darn you and your initial teasers! Haha I katelyn rose, good Irish name for the Ireland's haha

Janna said...

Katelyn was going to be my guess....but since someone else guessed that I'll say Kayla Reese.

The Stanley Family said...

I think I'll take a stab at this one... Katherine Renee...I love this game!

Have a great day!

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Okay, there are some beautiful names listed, but I'm guessing Kinsley Ruth b/c that's what I would name your baby with those intials. You can change your mind now if my guess wasn't right;)