Kinsley: 5 months

I'm a little late on the 5 month post- two weeks late, to be exact! I guess it's better late than never....

Kinsley is learning so much these days and is such a joy. Every day she discovers something new and is interacting with us more and more. This is such a fun stage!

- rolls over from tummy to back and has to be really entertained to stay on her tummy
- rolled from her back to tummy for the first time on December 3!
- loves to suck on her toes- especially during a diaper change
- reaches for absolutely everything!
- tries rice cereal almost daily and still dislikes it.
- smiles and laughs all the time
- craves attention and company: she will cry as soon as we walk away and loves to be held while we walk around the house. Maybe she will be my "cuddly" child!
- drools non-stop
- met her cousin's the Lackey's over Thanksgiving
- sleeps from 8pm-7-8am
- naps from 9:30/10am - 11:30/12pm (usually in her carseat while we are out and about, and sometimes in her crib), 1:30/2pm- 3:30/4pm (almost always in her swing since this nap overlaps with Avery's), 6/6:30-6:30/7pm
- wears 3-6 mo. and 6 month clothes
- size 2 diapers

Kinsley- time is flying by and you are 5 months old already.... I wish I could slow time! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!!

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