Avery's baptism

Avery was baptized on Sunday, June 26th. It was such a special time in our lives as her parents and we are so thankful for our home church where we could dedicate her to the Lord. It was a busy week leading up to her baptism with family coming in town throughout the week. We were able to spend time with our family at the beach, enjoying delicious dinners and just spending quality time together. Avery is loved by so many and has a wonderful family that is always here supporting her and praying for her.

The baptism was very special to both Christopher and myself. We are constantly praying for Avery and it was very important to us to present her to the church and ask for their prayers and support as we raise her up in the Lord. We pray that she will come to know God at an early age and that she will devote her life to following Him daily. Having Avery baptized was something that I had to really come to grips with. I grew up Southern Baptist and was dedicated as an infant and then baptized after I made the decision to follow Christ. I wanted to have Avery dedicated, but we are members at a Methodist church where they do infant baptisms. After a lot of prayer and discussions with Chris and our pastor, I learned that the infant baptism symbolizes being covered with the Holy Spirit. Though the Methodist's do not believe in being "re-baptized", Chris and I both feel that if Avery one day has the desire to follow the Lord through believers baptism after accepting God into her heart, then we will support her 100%.
Again, this was a very special time in our lives as Avery's parents. It was important to us to have her dedicated and to ask our home church for their support and help as we raise Avery. This is the church that we have decided to raise Avery in while we are living here and we desire their commitment in helping us teach Avery the love of our wonderful Savior.

Avery did fantastic.... she was so good on stage and sucked her thumb the entire time. She didn't make a peep. When we were walking off the stage everyone was clapping and she gave the congregation the biggest grin. She is such a ham! Almost immediately after we made it back to our seats she fell asleep and slept through the entire service. She must have known that something big was going on because it completely wore her out. She was absolutely exhausted.

Following the church service,  our family came over to our house for lunch from Jim  n Nicks- YUM! It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating our little girl and the importance of her dedication to the Lord.

Changing Avery into her gown at the church- Cheryl's friend, Sandy, made Avery and Micah's gowns. They were both gorgeous! (Micah was dedicated on May 15th)

Our pastor, Jeremy Smith

Avery in her bonnet! Cheryl's friend, Sandy, made Avery's gown and bonnet. It was absolutely beautiful!

Aunt Adriane and Micah

Avery's yummy cake- it was beautiful

Avery with Aunt Sheri and Mimi- the two peas in a pod

Avery and Micah playing together after the baptism

Thank you to all of our family who made the trip to be here to support not only Avery, but Christopher and myself as well. I know that there were several family members that wanted to be here but weren't able to make it and we want you to know that we missed you, but are thankful for your love, prayers and support, even though you weren't able to make it. We love you all very, very much! 

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Danielle Solly said...

Avery looks beautiful in all of these pictures! We love and miss you and hope to visit soon so we can see Ms. Avery!