8 months

For some reason reaching the eighth month really got to me. I haven't been emotional or anything, but I am now realizing that our baby girl isn't a baby anymore. She is a pre-toddler who will be a year old in a blink of an eye. Saying that I have an 8 month old is just beyond crazy to me. It's been by far the best 8 months of our lives and like I've said before, every stage has been my favorite, and this new stage is no exception. For Chris, however, this is by far his favorite stage thus far. Avery is so much more interactive and social and he loves being able to play with her.

Avery at 8 months:
-has the most infectious laugh
-cut her first tooth while on vacation in Miami on June 11th
-waved for the first time (and to her Daddy!!!) on June 14th
-says "mama" all of the time and we knew she was directing it towards me on June 20th. (I will never forget that moment!!! ) -- My friend, Kim, was right- months ago she guessed that Avery's first word was going to be "mama"
- was baptized on Sunday June 26th
-is learning how to master the scoot (which is crawling, but with the belly still on the ground)
-weighs 16 pounds 6 ounces
-thinks it is funny when I tell her "NO"-- I have to turn away from her so that she doesn't see me laughing- too funny!
-is learning how to use a sippy cup. It's only been about a month and a half, and she is finally figuring out how to suck on the spout instead of just chewing on it
-cheerios, puffs and bananas are the only finger foods she has tried so far and she loves them! The Dr. told me yesterday to begin expanding her finger foods.... any suggestions from you moms out there?
-likes to eat sand at the beach
-is a fantastic traveler- which is good, because traveling is the story of our lives these days.
-can stand while holding onto furniture- mommy and daddy are always very close by because she still topples over!
-still takes 2- two hour naps and 1- thirty minute nap
-still nursing 4 times a day
-wears 6-12 month clothing... depending on where the clothes are from. Mostly in 9 month clothing though.


Mark and Janna said...

8 months is one of my favorite ages!! Finger Foods: Avocado (SO good for them...lots of healthy fat), peas and carrots, just make sure you cook them well so they're soft, shredded cheese, Lucy also loved bagels. Just give her a chunk to chew on.

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Adalynn smiles too sometimes when we tell her "no" and we have to look away..too funny. I get more sad as 1 yr. approaches!