Lilly: 2 months

Lilly is such an easy baby. We don't have a great schedule going, but I can figure out her "routine" for the most part. She sleeps through the night on occasion, but I still don't know what the night will be like when I finally crawl into bed. It's hard to believe we have had two months with her!

Weight: 11lbs 6 oz (49%)
Height: 22.25 in (36%)
Head circ.: 15in (42%)

Lilly at two months:
- has discovered her hands
- is beginning to "coo"
- has socially smiled once or twice.
- still breastfeeds exclusively... about 7 times a day
- seems to really like tummy time (the only one who hasn't hated it!)
- still fusses when I lay her down for naps in her crib
- has several "wake times" throughout the day
- is still holding on to her hair - for now!
- I can't keep her on her tummy for long before she rolls herself over.
- sleeps 4-5 stretches at night and other nights she will go as long as 7-8 hours!
- busts out of her swaddle daily so we now leave her arms out when we swaddle... she is sooo young for that already!!
- size 1 diapers
- wears 0-3 month clothes. 3 month shirts fit her well, but the 3 month pants are huge!
- met her Great Grandmother (Judy Archer) two days before she turned two months!!




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