Avery's first steps!

Last night some friends had us over for dinner. They have a 2.5 year old and Avery loved playing with her and chasing her all through the condo. At one point I was helping Avery walk when she let go and took about 2-3 steps by herself! She then froze and stood there for about a minute before sitting down. We were shocked!! I am so glad that Chris and I were both able to witness this first for Avery. It was fun to have our friends there to share in our excitment as well. Unfortunately, we weren't quick enough to pull out our phones to record it, but she did it again today and we were able to capture it! I can't believe our little girl will be WALKING by herself soon! AHHHHH!!

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Katherine and Mario said...

Yay, Avery! Doesn't it make you happy and sad at the same time?? I know you two are proud!