Avery's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Avery's first birthday with a Lemonade party on Saturday, October 29th. Family and friends gathered at our home to help us celebrate Avery and we couldn't be more grateful for the love they continually show to Avery.

We had lots of lemonade and everyone drank out of mason jars to go along with our lemonade theme

Our sweet nephew, Micah

I made the Lemon Drop cupcakes, too! 

Chris' co-workers, Jack and Lachlyne

Avery loved opening presents!

"Please take this hat off of me...." (She doesn't really like things on her head)

Reading her birthday card

How cute is she!?!?!

It's smash cake time.... she didn't really get into it- maybe because there were 20 people staring at her??

at least Micah enjoyed it, though!

She LOVES the balloons though!

Avery and the boys! Thanks to Keller, Kenyon and cousin Micah for coming to the party!! 

The PT group!

The party was a huge success!! Happy Happy 1st birthday sweet girl!


The Sanders said...

Love the theme you chose! So cute.
Janna has that same musical car and she STILL plays with it!

N Muchnick said...

I love all the pictures!! It looks like yall had a blast!! I love all your decorations....so crafty!!

Katherine and Mario said...

I love it! Her party looks like it was a lot of fun! The food table looked quite yummy too and I love how you can see the "paparazzi" in the mirror! :)