Dog Daze and Chris' 27th Birthday!

Fort Walton Beach puts on Dog Daze every fall and this year we decided to take Bailey. The event was held on Saturday and it sprinkled rain the entire time we were there. I would say we were there for just over an hour and a half and during that time there were probably about 500+ dogs in attendance. There were tents set up advertising rescue shelters and dog adoption agencies. There was a dog parade and even a race! It was a lot of fun and we think Bailey really enjoyed it, but that it might have been a little overstimulating for her! ha!

Sunday was Christopher's 27th birthday and we celebrated by going to dinner at Bonefish. His co-workers had given him a gift card to Bonefish on Friday for his birthday so we took advantage of that and ate like a king and queen! lol. We were absolutely STUFFED by the time we left. I also made red velvet cupcakes for him and he will be getting a deep tissue massage on Thursday at It's All About You Day Spa. In addition to his massage, I got him his first pink shirt for when Baby A is born!

Family Picture for Chris' 27th Birthday!!
(WOW, I look HUGE in this picture!)

Yummy cupcakes!


Jordin said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I wish I had known so I could have told you in person yesterday! Red velvet cupcakes are my FAVORITE! and so is Bonefish! What a great way to celebrate!

Lindsey said...

You are adorable in that picture!!! And might I say your boobies are looking nice and perky still! :D

Can't wait to read about the arrival of sweet Miss A!!!

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh my-happy late B-day!

Ruthie said...

I LOVE the dog daze! Sounds right up my alley ;) Happy late Birthday to Chris ;)