our NEPHEW!!

WOW- yesterday was quite a day! Our little nephew was born 9 weeks early!! His due date was not until November 24th but God had other plans. Our sister-in-law, Adriane hadn't felt the baby move on Tuesday and went in for an ultrasound on Wednesday morning. His weight and heart rate were fine but after running some more tests they decided to admit Adriane into the hospital for 24 hours of observation. Within just a few hours they were performing an emergency c-section and our little nephew was here! He weighed just 4 pounds and will more than likely be in the NICU for a few weeks. Mom and baby are both doing well, but I would like to ask you to pray for Justin, Adriane and baby boy as they are all adjusting and healing. This was not exactly how Justin and Adriane pictured this experience, but we are all just happy that everyone is ok. Chris and I have a NEPHEW!!! We cannot wait to meet him!! Welcome to the world, baby boy Ireland!!! We love you!!

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