White Christmas in Georgia-- 2010

This year we celebrated Christmas in Georgia. Chris had saved up several vacation days and we were able to spend just over a week in Georgia seeing family and friends. It was a much needed vacation for us and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day.

{Christmas morning with our little stocking stuffer}
{Poppy and Grandmommy with their grandbabies}
{Uncle Chris and Micah}
{The babies with their Great- Uncle Keith}
{Grandmommy and her babies}
{Christmas dinner 2010}
We had our very first White Christmas!! This was a big day in the life of Avery-- first Christmas, first snow and she was two months old!!!

{Avery and Micah's first snow!!!}

{Our family on Christmas Day 2010}
{Avery with all of her Christmas gifts...she really was excited- don't let the sleepiness fool you!}
{Bailey playing with her new toy}

{Uncle J and Avery}


The Capps said...

Love the picture of the family in the snow!!! So good of everyone!

Jordan said...

First Christmas...check
First Snow...check
2 months old...check
Next...first Washington trip!