Baby Weigh Day #2 and POTD

Today I took Avery to her second Baby Weigh Day at the hospital. She met lots of new friends and she weighs 10lbs 9oz!!! Just two and a half weeks ago she was 9lbs 8oz... she's starting to pack on the pounds!

I'm also attempting to take a picture a day of our munchkin in 2011 (not that hard to do since she is our first baby- we're always snapping pictures these days!). My POTD (picture of the day) usually turns into about 10 pictures a day, but who's counting?

Here is our little munchkin's POTD at 11 weeks 2 days:
January 12, 2011

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Amanda said...

Love this! Sweet picture! BAiley is going to be Avery's best friend! Great idea to do a picture, or ten,everyday!