Pregnancy #3

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and finally starting to feel human again! This first trimester has been pretty miserable.... definitely the worst of all three of my pregnancies. I have been so, incredibly sick and have had many days where I am just useless. I have to admit- I've had several days of throwing in a movie for Avery while I layed on the couch and tried my best to not get sick. With Avery and Kinsley, I was "sick" for 16 weeks exactly. It wasn't terrible though. During my pregnancy with Avery I would get nauseous every afternoon at 4pm and the only way to feel better was to go to bed by 8pm. That lasted 16 weeks.  With Kinsley, I actually got sick several times and had some nausea, but it wasn't too intense. That also lasted 16 weeks. Well, with baby #3...... I was getting sick every single day, absolutely nothing made me feel better- not even the nausea medicine that the Dr. had to prescribe me! This lasted 12 weeks!! These last two weeks I have been feeling much better, but am still EXHAUSTED!!! In the evenings I still get nauseous some, but it seems to be lightening up a bit. Thank goodness! I'm hoping it was just super intense for those 12 weeks and that I won't be feeling this gross until I hit 16 weeks!

This pregnancy has been a lot of fun, though, because Avery is old enough to understand a little bit more about what's going on. She is always asking to see the baby in my belly and says that she "has a boy in her belly". It's really cute. She wasn't old enough to comprehend anything during my pregnancy with Kinsley, so it's fun having her be more involved this time around.

As I'm sitting here writing this post, I have actually felt baby move for the first time!!! ... and now the second! haha! This is by far my most favorite part of being pregnant. I love, love, love feeling the baby move!

As with each child and each pregnancy, the picture taking gets worse. We have only taken ONE belly picture during this pregnancy and it was the day after we found out we were expecting. That's so terrible! Especially since I've been "showing" for a few weeks already. By the third, I guess the belly just pops right on out once you find out you're pregnant! ha!

We are thrilled about growing our family and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. Hopefully we will have that answer in about 2 weeks! I am convinced it's another girl!!! :)

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