Kinsley Rae is 14 months!

Okay, Okay... so she is really going to be 15 months next week. At least I am trying to get a post in about what she is up to this month before I completely miss it like I did with her 13 month post!

Kinsley is my fearless second child. She rarely cries and definitely knows how to keep me on my toes. I can't believe how quickly these last 14 (almost 15 months) have gone by. Every day she makes us laugh and always brings such joy into our home!

Kinsley at 14 months:

- has some serious separation anxiety. This is probably due to the fact that the last month has been so crazy with our upcoming move (I'll post more on that later) that we have rarely gone to the gym or even church nursery. So, she has gotten out of her habit. This is NOT GOOD for mommy and daddy. I actually got paged during my small group on Wednesday night to come get her. :(

- she has 8 teeth... 6 on top and 2 on the bottom. I am beginning to wonder if she will ever get anymore bottom teeth! ha! She cut her two top molars within a day of each other and the 6 days leading up to those teeth were MISERABLE for us all. She has always been a bad teether, but these molars were even worse.

- had tubes put in her ears on Aug 1, 2013 (13 months old) and has done fantastic with them! I was a nervous wreck, but she was a champ! The first one-two hours post op were rough, but after that you would never know that she had just had surgery. And... we haven't had any ear infections since!

- Took her first steps on Aug. 15 (just a few days before turning 14 months) and literally would only take 2-3 steps for almost a month! She really started walking last week with more and more steps and now she is all over the place! It's still wobbly, but she goes farther and gets stronger each day!

- I think she may have had hand, foot, mouth two weeks ago. She had a rash on her legs (not feet!) and was showing the same signs of teething as she did the week prior when cutting her molars. I completely thought we were getting more teeth, the only difference was her diaper rash was WAY worse this time than the week before. It was almost sore-like. Well, we spent the weekend in Birmingham with Chris' family and two days later my nephew and niece were sick. My sister in law took her son to the Dr. who told her he had contracted hand, foot, mouth over the weekend. Not only did her kids get it, but she did, too! I felt terrible because it seems like Kinsley was the one who got them all sick. Hers didn't last NEARLY as long as theirs did and I never took her to the dr. because she wasn't running a fever or acting any different. It was so crazy!

- she is finally starting to sign! As of this week she can sign "more, thank you, all done, and (occasionally) please"

- she also has says "bye-bye", "mama", "dada" and tries to say Bailey and Bird.

- I've noticed she is entering the stage where she fully understands us, but still can't verbally converse with us. It's fun to watch her develop in these ways!

- she is still a FANTASTIC eater... in fact, I'm sure she'll have an overeating problem as she grows up. haha. seriously, though, she eats way more than big sister, Avery. She is only picky when it comes to veggies and blueberries. Must be the texture when the peas and blueberries mush in her mouth?

I can't wait to see how much she changes in the next 14 months! We love you Kiki!!!

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