Kinsley- 15 months

Kinsley Rae.... our sweet, loving, and fun little 15 month old. You bring so much joy and laughter into our lives. You're quite the ham at 15 months old with all of the facial expressions you make and the interaction you have with people daily. Thank you for making each and every day so much fun!

Kinsley's 15 month stats:
Weight: 20lbs 9.6oz (90%) WHAT!?!?!
Height: 28 1/2 (75%)
Head circ.: 17 3/4 (50%)

Ok, Let's just take a look at those stats real fast..... Never has one of our girls been over 50% in anything.... EVER. Avery is usually less than 10% in all her stats and Kinsley is somewhere between 25-50%. I was shocked to see 90% on her paper! No doubt about it, the girl is just like her mommy and daddy... she loves her food!

- you are a momma's girl- no question about it! But you also cuddle with your daddy a lot!
- signs please, all done, thank you, and more
- can say "bye-bye", "mama", "dada" "buh (bird)" "tata (for Aunt Tara)" and sometimes I think you're actually trying to say "good"
- nod your head yes and no in the correct context
- will take an object to the location/person I ask you to.... and will also search for the object I ask you to.
- walking everywhere! You have pretty much left crawling behind.
- you love to point to your belly button and any time I ask you to point to something on your face (eyes, nose, etc.) you hit yourself in the face instead of pointing to the part of the face I've asked you to! haha!
- you still get really loud and impatient as soon as the food hits the table.... you sure do love your food! Just like your mommy and daddy!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Time flies! Her hair is soooo cute!