We are adjusting well to being back in Birmingham and living with Justin and Adriane. Chris leaves every morning at 6:30 for clinic and doesn't get home till 6pm at night. It's frustrating for him because it only takes him 30 minutes to get to clinic in the morning, yet in the afternoon it takes him 1 1/2 hours to get home with traffic. He has assured me that if we stay in the Birmingham area after graduation that we WILL be living in Homewood- if not downtown! lol. He is really enjoying this rotation and likes the people he is working with. His CI (clinical instructor) is a female and he has been able to learn a lot of different techniques especially when transferrring patients. Chris also just signed up for the boards prep class and received his study book in the mail this weekend, which means the studying will begin soon.

As for me, the babysitting job hasn't quite worked out as I had hoped it would. I "interviewed" with another family last week and I should be hearing from her today as to whether or not she wants me to keep her 3 year old son. Please pray that this will work out and that I can start working tomorrow if possible. I have really enjoyed being back in Birmingham though. I have seen Ali a few times since we have been back and she and Luke (and Mae) even had us over for dinner the first weekend we were here. We are going back to the Church at Brook Hills and even tried a small group yesterday! We are hoping that being in a small group will help to connect with others our age.

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