Chris passed his boards!!! After waiting for three long weeks to get his 'approval to test' letter he was finally able to sign up Friday evening to take his boards on Monday (yesterday). Chris has been studying for this exam since February. I have been so proud of him and his dedication to his studies. The test began Monday morning at 8 and lasted until 1pm- needless to say, Chris was exhausted after testing for five hours. The rest of the afternoon was spent waiting and questioning all of his answers. The panic was starting to set in. He woke up early this morning to discover that he had passed his exam!! What a relief! Unfortunately, the studying has not stopped yet. Tomorrow (Wednesday) he has one more test to take. Thankfully this test only lasts one hour instead of five. Tomorrow's test will cover all of Floridas laws. Keep him in your prayers!!

Congratulations Christopher!!


d & p said...

Thanks for the comments, Abby! And congratulations to Chris on passing the exam! It's got to feel like a huge relief. When are y'all moving?

Matt and Julie said...

Congratulations....that is so awesome and I am so happy for the both of you!

Anonymous said...

Chris!! CONGRATS!! I can only imagine how good that feels to have your test done!! Hope all is well Abs much love -Bov