Weekend in Birmingham!

Last weekend we went to Birmingham and stayed with Chris' brother, Justin, and his wife Adriane. We had the best time catching up with them and watching Bailey play with their dog, Piper. They loved eachother-- though Bailey was definitely trying to be the dominant one. She would take Piper's toys from her and lay in Pipers bed rather than her own. Then, when Piper would walk NEAR Bailey's bed she would go and guard it so Piper couldn't get to it, poor Piper. On Saturday, Justin, Adriane, Chris and I took the dogs over to Samford and let them run around on the quad. They had a blast! Bailey kept chasing after Piper's tail (according to my father-in-law, Ed, she has major tail envy!) so we would throw a tennis ball and Piper would chase the ball and Bailey was chasing Piper's tail. They were definitely entertaining! Amanda met up with us for a little bit too. It was great to see her!

I loved being back in Birmingham and walking around Samford's campus. The campus is so beautiful and the fall foliage against that blue sky made the campus even more gorgeous than it already is! Chris and I got to walk through the new student center on campus and are really jealous they didn't build it when we were there!

Saturday afternoon Chris and I went to visit Luke and Ali and their new baby girl, Savannah. She is so beautiful and so tiny! I could have held her all day long. Ali was doing great- I'm so proud of my friend! Mae got home from an afternoon with her grandfather just before we left so she got to play with Bailey for a few minutes. I just love that girl! I wish we lived closer to them.

The weekend was perfect-- beautiful weather, fall foliage (we don't get to see that down here in FL), family and friends.

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