4th of July weekend

Chris had a three day weekend so we took the opportunity to go up to Douglasville and spend the weekend  with his parents. We spent both Saturday and Sunday on the boat at Lake Allatoona- even Bailey and Holli got to experience the fun! The weather was absolutely beautiful, a little hot, but still so nice. Avery is such a water baby and loved floating around in the water with us. She also really enjoys riding on the boat; she is full of giggles and it even puts her to sleep sometimes. :)

Bailey is not so fond of the water.... Chris would have to pick her up and jump into the water while holding her. She is not a graceful swimmer as she tries to climb on top of the water rather than swim in the water. It's actually quite hysterical. The way she enlongates her neck to keep her head from getting anywhere near the water makes me think of a swan- not the gracefullness of a swan, but the long neck! She didn't last too long on Saturday. That night Christopher and I bought Bailey a life jacket. We tried it on her and she completely froze. It's like she forgot how to walk! We couldn't wait to try it out on Sunday and we were STUNNED at the difference it made. Bailey actually swam with her paws under the water and even tried to play fetch in the water. We couldn't believe it! (Ed caught it all on video, so I'll post it when I get it!)

Avery and Grandmommy hanging out on the boat

Both Bailey and Holli are petrified of the water. They couldn't stand it when we were all in the water and they were left on the boat! 

Napping on the boat on Saturday, July 2nd

hanging out on Grandmommy and Poppy's new living room furniture

blurry, but cute!

Bailey learning how to swim with a life jacket on!

Family picture on the boat! Happy 4th of July!!! :)

July 3rd... wearing her patriotic bathing suit and refusing to nap!
As soon as we started our ride back to the car, Avery fell asleep- what a sweet picture of Avery and her Grandmommy

Monday, July 4th, was our travel day, but before we got on the road back to FL we made a stop in Newnan to see our friends, Mario and Katherine and to meet their precious 4 week old, Colin. It was so great catching up with them and I'm so glad that we got to meet Colin while he was still in the newborn stage. He was SO tiny and looks just like his daddy, Mario. Avery has a little bit of hair envy-- the boy has a head full of dark hair! Seriously, he is so cute! 

Chris and Mario were in PT school together... here they are 2 years later with their kids!

We made it back home before all of the 4th of July festivities, but honestly, we stayed home. Avery was exhausted and truthfully, so were we! We put Avery down for the night and then we watched the New York fireworks on t.v. then went to bed ourselves. Next year we will make it a bigger deal since Avery will be older and will be able to enjoy it.

We had such a wonderful time getting to relax and spend time with Ed and Cheryl. It's always so nice to go home and we always enjoy going out on the boat. It's one of our favorite things to do! :) Of course, the weekend went by way too fast, as always, but we are so thankful for the long weekend and time with family and friends.

Can't believe I don't have any pictures of Ed.... I do have video of him though- I'll post that soon!

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How cute is her little bathing suit! :) You look great by the way. :)