Kinsley Rae is 3 months old!

These past three months have been such a blur, but I have enjoyed every second. Kinsley is growing like a weed and I find myself already having a difficult time remembering what she was like as a newborn. I know it's because I'm busy chasing a toddler around all day as well as feeding Kinsley, changing all her diapers, and several outfits throughout the day because of all the spit-up. Plus, once fall arrived it seems like our lives picked up speed and we are busy almost every day of the week, which also makes it hard to just sit and absorb my sweet little girl. Life is busy, but it's absolutely a blast!

Kinsley was three months old last week and didn't have to go to the dr. this month; so, no stats this post.
(Be on the look out next month because I will take Kinsley for her 4 month check up and Avery for her 2 year check up on the same day- should be a fun time with lots to blog about!!!)

Kinsley at three months:

-Sucks her fingers and hands constantly
-spits up more than her sister, if that's possible!
-has the most beautiful gummy grin
-has big, dark blue eyes
-is still holding on to most of her hair!!!
-speaking of hair, it's lightening up a lot and is almost an auburn color in the sun.
-Nurses 5 times a day, but takes a bottle of breast milk really well, too!
-has always disliked tummy time, but as of 3 months she seems to tolerate it more. We can usually get about 3 minutes out of her before the screaming begins....
-enjoys sitting in her bumbo seat

-sleeps in a sleep sack as of two nights ago.... we made the switch from swaddle to sleep sack cold-turkey. Every morning we were finding her almost completely out of the swaddle, so we decided to give the ol' sleep sack a try and SUCCESS!!!
-knows who mommy and daddy are and smiles when she sees us
-loves to watch her big sister play
-loves bath time
-sleeps about 11 hours at night. We put her down around 9pm and she usually wakes up between 7:15-8am.
-moves herself to the bottom right of her crib every night
-wears three month clothing and is squeezing into her size 1 diapers

We love you Kinsley and have loved every second of these last three months with you. You are such a blessing!!!

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