Lilly: 3 months

I have always thought that the 3 month mark is such a fun time.... babies begin to interact with you and do more than just sleep. Lilly is definitely interacting with us all and the way her face lights up when she really sees you is the best feeling in the world.

Lilly Ann at 3 months:

-sucks her thumb (I try to give her a paci, but when it falls out the thumb goes in!)
- smiles in response to us
- "talks" all  the time
- loves her play mat
- is beginning to look around in the tub and actually notice it's a different environment for her.
- watches her big sisters all of the time.
- is starting to bear some weight on her legs when we hold her up
- still rolls from her tummy to her back
- sleeps in a sleep sack since a week after she turned 2 months
- watches her hands
- met her Aunt Amanda when she was 2.5 months old
- still has crazy, spikey hair--- it's oh so cute!
- Lilly is not consistently sleeping through the night yet. She will go 11-12 hours some nights and other nights she will wake up at 12:30, 2:30, or 4.... I never know what the night will be like when I go to bed.
- Still exclusively breastfed and eats 6 times a day.
- Mommy left all three girls with Daddy and Grandmommy for 4 days when Lilly was 10 weeks old. Lilly did great with the bottle and probably didn't even realize mommy was gone.
-Tried out the bumbo a few days before her 3 month birthday and didn't hate it.
-Celebrated her first Easter

- The day she turned 3 months old she went on her first road trip- a two day drive from IL to GA (blog post about that at another time)

 - wears 3 month clothing and size 2 diapers

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Sarah said...

What a cutie! Your family is beautiful, Abby. I'm so happy for you guys.