Lilly 13 months

This sweet girl is so cuddly and smiley. I mean, seriously, she is THE BEST CUDDLER and I love it! She tries her best to keep up with her big sisters and is taking a few steps by herself. Two weeks after her first birthday she took her first solo steps. At 13 months she will take about 5 steps by herself.... it won't be long before she is running circles around our kitchen with her sisters. Lilly still sleeps in mittens during naps and at night time because she still has this thing about pulling on her hair and eyelashes.... what is that all about!?! Her Dr. didn't seem concerned at all, yet he also had no suggestions for me on how to get her to stop this habit of hers.

13 month stats:
Weight: 19lbs 7oz (20%)
Height: 28 3/4 in (25%)
Head circ.: 17 3/4 (45%)

Her second boo-boo from the childcare at the YMCA

trying to be like her big sisters in the Dr's office

12 month check up at 13 months old!

First ponytail in over a month now that her hair is growing back!

ready to start walking!

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