5 more weeks

We only have 5 more weeks left in Birmingham. I cannot believe how fast our time here is going. Things are going really well for us. Chris stays really busy with clinic and I will FINALLY start a steady babysitting job on March 2nd for an 8 week old boy named Tucker. I have really enjoyed these past few months of relaxation, but I am ready to start making some money and to get out of the house more. Living with Justin and Adriane is still working out great. Justin travels a lot so we don't see him too often, but he will be home more in March . This coming weekend will actually be mine and Chris' last weekend in Bham... we are travelling somewhere every weekend in March. Cheryl, my mother-in-law, and I finally sat down and figured out the days we will be in Washington D.C. I'm so excited we are able to do something like that. I'm also glad because that means I will only have to be without Chris for 3 1/2 weeks instead of 4 1/2. Keep praying for us as we have a lot of decisions to make in the next few months as Chris graduates and takes his boards then starts working. We are talking about places he would like to apply and then we will need to find housing wherever that may be. Again, we have a lot going on in the next.. oh, 6 months and would really appreciate your prayers. It's an exciting time and we are looking forward to the plans God has in store for us.

Also, we would really like to thank you for your prayers concerning Christopher's grandfather. We were in Orlando Feb. 7-9 for the memorial service and it went really well. It was a nice time to be with family. Thank you all!

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